Pop in to the Pop Up Shop: Haus of Half Hitch


Sometimes when people go on vacation, they just go. There is a hole where that person was for a bit.

But sometimes, something else comes in, even for a minute and it’s a pleasant surprise.

Half Hitch Goods, a retailer that normally lives online or on an old VW Bus in Hayes Valley, San Francisco, moved into the Birch Floral shop while it’s owners went away for the month. No, we’re not talking squatting. We’re talking pop up shop.

Carrie Cailoutette, the founder of Half Hitch, contacted a few friends, fashion designers The Podolls (who we know, from a previous post), jewelry retailer Metier, and artist Emily Proud, to collaborate for the month of July to create Haus of Half Hitch. The thing you notice first about the shop is that everything is beautiful with a rich quality… not rich like, the Vatican… but rich like full. Wool blankets soft to the touch. A set of linen kitchen towels printed by hand. Easy, yet high quality clothes by the Podolls are complimented by an interesting mix of new and estate jewelry from Metier. If you’re looking for art, you really should not miss Emily Proud’s watercolors, as they are subtly beautiful and also on the affordable side.

The collaboration is true in every way, Metier helped with the merchandizing, Emily helps with the sales, coordinating everyone to help in different ways, and Carrie holds down the fort as she organizes the meeting of four different brands in one space.

“Half Hitch is meant to connect people together through gifting.” says Carrie

Half Hitch Goods is a boutique that specializes in goods with stories.  Most things are made in the US, or imported by Carrie or a few select importers.  “Half Hitch is about shopping for yourself or for someone else and considering that person deeply, considering how a product is made and what materials a product is made with, or the process. And connecting that to the person in some way, whether it’s the country of origin or the materials that the gift is made.”

Perhaps, beyond connecting people through gifts, Half Hitch is connecting people through, well just getting us all offline and in one real live place.

Haus of Half Hitch

Open from July 3rd – 30th, everyday 11-7 Mon – Sat / 12-6 Sun. Located at the Birch floral shop at 564 Hayes St. San Francisco, CA 94133. There will  also be a few more events you might want to stop in for!

  • Saturday July 19th, 2pm – 5pm // Snowcones With The Podolls. A Podolls and Podots trunk show featuring boozy or virgin snowcones served by the design duo themselves.
  • Wednesday July 23rd 7pm – 9pm // Cocktails & Watercolors With Emily Proud
  • Friday July 25th 5pm – 8pm // Gin & Jewels With Metier A special trunk show with Sheri and Trina of Metier showing off one of a kind fine antique pieces as well as modern handmade jewelry.

haus_of_half_hitch_7 haus_of_half_hitch_6 haus_of_half_hitch_5 haus_of_half_hitch_4 haus_of_half_hitch_3 haus_of_half_hitch_2 haus_of_half_hitch_1Images not taken by me, but by a friend who doesn’t want me to share her name quite yet.

jenninePop in to the Pop Up Shop: Haus of Half Hitch

The Young Family McCartney


You’ll have to pardon my lazy post today.

I was working on another post, for Eat, Sleep, Denim (The Beatles in Denim) and while researching, I came across this photo of Stella Mary McCartney as a baby tucked into Paul’s jacket. I just about fell out of my chair! You know, one of those moments when your ovaries burst? That happened.

Then getting lost in a Pinterest spiral, I kept finding more and more photos of the family McCartney. So much love! You could really see it in the photos. We all love our babies, our parents, our siblings, etc. but how often are we able to capture that on film (or pixels)? It’s not so easy. Anyway, this post has nothing to do with anything, but just how much I was touched by this beautiful family.

And… they are also very cool.


paul_stella1paul_stella_linda9 paul_stella_linda8
paul_stella5 paul_stella4 paul_stella3

This just about killed me with cuteness!paul_stella2 paul_stella_linda6 paul_stella_linda5 paul_stella_linda4paul_stella_linda1


jennineThe Young Family McCartney

How the Simplicity of Alex Katz Inspires My Style


The worlds of fashion and art constantly cross paths. Moschino’s MacDonald’s handbags nod to the pop-art of Andy Warhol, think Campbell’s soup cans and Brillo pads. Or, in photography, think that 1999 Steven Meisel editorial of Nicole Kidman reenacting John Singer Sargeant paintings. Painters may not exactly follow trends the way fashion designers do, but they do feed off of their environments, and being as most people wear clothes. Fashion does play a part.

My subject matter is not particularly interesting,” Katz says with a smile…

Alex Katz, 89, began painting in the 1950′s when Abstract Expressionism was en vogue, he noticed no one was painting people, or landscapes. So he decided to take that route. Of course, painting people, there is nothing unique about it. He told the Smithsonian in a 2009 interview, “My subject matter is not particularly interesting,” Katz says with a smile. “It’s not hot subject matter—you know, no crucifixions, no violence, no sex.” His paintings are a stripped down version of the world, which is where they become interesting. Though the paintings span fifty years, they still have a timeless quality. n a sense, his work portrays a universal truth. Even if you don’t live the life of an artist in New York, I can relate to the snapshots of his paintings. They’re like little moments in my memory.

What I find interesting about Katz’s work is that even though his paintings are about nothing really,  he finds a way to make them interesting without resorting to embellishment or gimmicky tricks. The paintings are distinctly personal (many of his paintings include is wife since 1958, Ava) yet universal. So, maybe I wouldn’t recreate a painting for one of my outfits, but in the search of my own personal style, the lesson is, that I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I don’t have to resort to gimmicks to make my outfits “pop.” They don’t have to be special to be striking.

But… my style does have to be distinctly personal.

alex_katz1 alex_katz_anna_wintour (yes, that’s Anna Wintour!)  alex_katz3 alex_katz4 alex_katz5 alex_katz6 alex_katz7 alex_katz8 alex_katz9 alex_katz10 alex_katz11 alex_katz12 alex_katz13


jennineHow the Simplicity of Alex Katz Inspires My Style

Pretty or Chic?


I used to go to this early morning support group. 6am early. In order to get there, I would just roll out of bed, throw on a sweatshirt, ratty jeans, sneakers and a baseball cap and go. For months, I did this. Then I got a job which required me to be there at 8am, so I woke up early and got dressed, put on makeup, etc. before leaving the house.

“Woah! You’re… pretty!” said one of the guys in the group.

Sure, it makes sense. We ALL look “prettier” when we dress up and wear makeup. The late Isabella Blow was notorious for using fashion to feel better, “If I feel really low, I go to see Philip [Treacy], cover my face [with his hats] and feel fantastic… Wearing a hat is like cosmetic surgery.” Blow would transform herself from what some perceived as “plain” into an exotic beauty with the extraordinary use of hats and clothes.

“If I feel really low, I go to see Philip [Treacy], cover my face [with his hats] and feel fantastic… Wearing a hat is like cosmetic surgery.” ~Isabella Blow

On the flip side, think Kim Kardashian or Lana Del Rey. They are both “beautiful”, and they obviously put a lot of effort in their image, but do you think they have great style? Beauty does not automatically give you style.

This year, with the rise of normcore, dressing down has never been more trendy. Baggy jeans, the more ripped, the better paired with Birkenstocks is practically the most trendy thing you can wear this summer. The no-makeup look is also super hot this summer. After several years of over-the-top styling and six-inch platform shoes, I do have to say dressing down is a welcome shift in trends. However, I have to wonder if the people who really carry it off, carry it off because they’re… pretty.

To put it into perspective, if, for my outfit posts, I were to wear the same exact outfit as pictured above, would it get pinned all over Pinterest?

No. I probably would just look like I gave up on life.

Now, this by no means is a ploy to get compliments or support. I’m completely comfortable with my looks …and my insecurities.

But it does make me wonder where the line between beauty and style lies.

Is a person beautiful because they have great style? Does a person have great style because they’re beautiful? Or is it their personality that makes them have great style and/or beauty?

Where do you draw the line between beauty and style?

[Image via Pinterest]
jenninePretty or Chic?

Samuji: The Pursuit of Timelessness


It may be the middle of summer, but if you’re anything like me, you might already be setting your eyes (and your wish list) to fall.

Recently, I came across this Finnish brand, Samuji, which has exactly the look I’ve been coveting this year. Classic, futuristic, simple, rich in texture and silhouettes, this three-year-old label shares very much the direction many other fashion designers are taking these days: pursuing timelessness.

The pleated trousers with a slightly wide leg and cropped at the ankles look like a pair of slacks had a baby with a pair of culottes. So if you’re afraid to try culottes, but want a pair of updated pants, this is your lucky day. Sumuji’s boxy but lavish wool coats and crisp button down shirts, the collections do have a ring of timelessness, but, in a way, that’s very 2014. I do already own pieces that are in a lot of ways similar to what’s in this collection, but for some reason I still want everything here anyway.





jennineSamuji: The Pursuit of Timelessness

Look, Ma! No Hands! 11 Chic Fanny Packs



A few months ago, while looking for a new bag, I asked Twitter if I should get a fanny pack or a cross body bag. Twitter peeps voted on the cross body, but months later, I can’t get that dang fanny pack out of my mind? Maybe it’s because I’m chasing an almost-walking baby. Or maybe my pockets aren’t big enough. Or maybe I’m tired of my handbag swinging around the front every time I have to pick up my baby.

Or just maybe fanny packs…. are fast becoming a “thing.”

I tried on a fanny pack at the Podoll’s Boutique, and now I can’t stop thinking about how it will make my life easier. Big enough to fit the essentials: wallet, phone, keys, the fanny pack strapped to your waist won’t go anywhere, and you can even wear it with a shirt dress or a blazer without much fuss. What more can you ask?




  1. Alex Bender Belt Bag $69.73
  2. Erin Dana: Evan Large Fanny Pack $198
  3. Clare V.: Supreme Large Fanny Pack
  4. On Lock Belt Bag $38
  5. Tory Burch Leather Belt Bag $325
  6. Newbark Leather Belt Bag $990
  7. B-Low the Belt: Samantha Belt Bag $225
  8. MICHAEL Michael Kors Perf Belt Bag $87.99
  9. Mishka Bags: White Leather Belt Bag $110
  10. Adya & Co Small Snake Bag $199
  11. B-Low the Belt: Belt Bag $325

Image via wwd.com

jennineLook, Ma! No Hands! 11 Chic Fanny Packs

Do Your Denims Match?


Four years ago, when double-denim first came “back” the rule was to make sure your denims had a high contrast. Meaning: If your jeans are dark denim, your shirt must be light denim. These days, there are no rules with denim. You can mix your denims. And you can match your denims. It’s all pretty much whatever works.

Lately, though, I’ve been finding that I love matching my denims as closely as possible. Low contrast denim has a sort of jumpsuit feel without the disrobing fiascos in the restrooms. Who wants that? Not me. Jumpsuits make me claustrophobic. But I do love the look.

This Sunday, we had a family brunch with Coquette and her family. Sunday brunches are always tough. You want to look nice, but you don’t want to try too hard. My answer to “not trying too hard” is always double denim. Double denim is trendy, but casual, and always easy to wear. Especially easy to wear if you’re still trying to get enough coffee in you to be human. (For me, that’s basically any time before noon.)

So my lovelies… are you a denim mixer or a denim matcher?

Wearing: Jeans: Paige Denim • Top: 7 For All Mankind • Bag: Proenza Schouler • Sunglasses: Celine • Shoes: Dolce Vita

jennineDo Your Denims Match?