The LBD With a Twist


I have a thing about dresses. Ok, I have a thing about my arms. Dresses I’m fine with. My upper arms are not a part of my body I enjoy sharing with the public. If you’ve been reading my blog lately, you might think, “Wow, Jennine has a lot of insecurities about her body.” And you are right. I would …

jennineThe LBD With a Twist

What is The Outfit You Can Just “Throw On?”


When you have a few minutes to get dressed, what do you just throw on? Like your mental ‘go bag’ only it’s your outfit. In reality… and we’re talking real life here. I don’t have a lot of time to get “ready.” Usually I’m trying to put clothes on this squirmy little monkey that doesn’t want to wear clothes and …

jennineWhat is The Outfit You Can Just “Throw On?”

The Skirt That Puts a Spring in Your Step


  Why do we wear clothes? To protect from the elements. To show our status. To elevate our mood. Or to hide from the world. Every now and then I’ll find a piece that makes everything more fun. I wish it would be all the time, but it’s actually quite rare. Last week, upon my regular visits to The Real …

jennineThe Skirt That Puts a Spring in Your Step

Summer Staple: The Denim Shirtdress


Since moving to San Francisco, I have become a weather wimp. Like, if it dips below 60° I’m cold. If it goes above 68° I’m hot. So basically, there is an 8° window when I’m just fine. Luckily, that’s most days here, but since moving to Potrero Hill, we get more sunny warm days than any other part of the …

jennineSummer Staple: The Denim Shirtdress

Weekend in Southern California

photo (11)

I’ve lived most of my life in California, and though I’ve been to Los Angeles for several different reasons, like work, going to parties, whatever, I’ve never actually been for a vacation, or for a relaxing weekend. Mostly, when I think of LA, I think of freeways and traffic. Two things I’m not so fond of. But this weekend, my …

jennineWeekend in Southern California

The Coveted in 7×7: Neu Minimalism


When Katie asked me to do the feature on 7×7, of course, I was delighted an honored. But it also meant putting together a special outfit for the feature, you know, because it’s like having guests over for dinner, you don’t want to serve them microwave burritos? While looking back at the interview, where I described my style as “Edgy …

jennineThe Coveted in 7×7: Neu Minimalism

Wearing a Trench Coat, “California Style”


What does it mean when someone says, “California Style?” I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, since Kelsi Smith alerted me (not personally, but generally) to the description of “Los Angeles Style” from Lucky Mag.  That, and being asked, “What is San Francisco style?” a few times in the last few weeks has got me wondering if I need …

jennineWearing a Trench Coat, “California Style”