Hair Crush: Freja Beha Erichsen


When I start thinking about getting my hair cut, colored, or whatever, the first thing I do is put together an inspiration folder of hair styles that I like. Freja Beha Erichsen is one of those people I keep going back to.Tousled waves. Bangs that have a mind of their own. Just the right amount of frizz. A shade of …

jennineHair Crush: Freja Beha Erichsen

Do Your Denims Match?


Four years ago, when double-denim first came “back” the rule was to make sure your denims had a high contrast. Meaning: If your jeans are dark denim, your shirt must be light denim. These days, there are no rules with denim. You can mix your denims. And you can match your denims. It’s all pretty much whatever works. Lately, though, …

jennineDo Your Denims Match?

How I Almost Became an Anti-Vaxxer


Over the weekend I read the article, “Putting Us All at Risk for Measles” which documented the outbreaks of the once eradicated disease among educated, affluent populations. Why? Some parents are opting out of immunizations. When we think of the anti-vaxxer movement, images of celebrity airheads pop up (Jenny McCarthy anyone?) Emotions range from eye rolling to outrage. Who ARE …

jennineHow I Almost Became an Anti-Vaxxer

Self Tanner Review: Jergens Natural Glow Express: Before and After Pics

Years ago I was burned by the self tanner. Metaphorically burned, physically I was orange, streaky and splotchy. Nubia had mentioned she had a similar experience and felt like a ‘walking cheeto.’ Hence my reluctance to indulge in self tanners. However, after years of avoiding the sun (you should see my beech pics, large straw hat, sunglasses, blanket… ) I …

jennineSelf Tanner Review: Jergens Natural Glow Express: Before and After Pics

Vintage Style: Printed Shirt Dress


Who knows what happened… I haven’t been wearing as much vintage as I used to. Maybe it’s the prices, maybe a few experiences having to make repairs, but whatever it was, it’s been a while since I have purchased a vintage dress. The other day, while working on a project, I found this vintage printed shirt dress at Amarcord Vintage …

jennineVintage Style: Printed Shirt Dress

Today’s Attire: Spring Neutrals


It may not be official yet, but I’m really feeling spring in the air. Yesterday, taking photos for the eat, sleep, denim blog I chucked away my winter coats and threw on my Gryphon Trench coat that I’ve been saving for the new season. Actually, I’ve been going through this whole style upheaval, one because my neighborhood is painfully well-dressed, …

jennineToday’s Attire: Spring Neutrals

Guest Post: NYFW Backstage Beauty: Charlotte Ronson

This post is part of an exchange via Stylehive For her Spring 2010 collection, Charlotte Ronson was inspired by the ballerinas of New York, specifically the way they look when leaving dance class and mix their dance attire with their regular clothes. http://blog.csba.org/no-prescription-online-pharmacy/ cheapest viagra To enhance this motif, hair stylist Allen Ruiz from Das sind die aber schöne u.verstopfte …

stylehiveGuest Post: NYFW Backstage Beauty: Charlotte Ronson