Samuji: The Pursuit of Timelessness


It may be the middle of summer, but if you’re anything like me, you might already be setting your eyes (and your wish list) to fall. Recently, I came across this Finnish brand, Samuji, which has exactly the look I’ve been coveting this year. Classic, futuristic, simple, rich in texture and silhouettes, this three-year-old label shares very much the direction …

jennineSamuji: The Pursuit of Timelessness

11 American Fashion Inventions We Just Cannot Live Without

When it comes to thinking of “American” fashion, most of us just think of American designers. That the real innovators of fashion somehow all go to Paris or Milan, maybe even London. The truth is, beyond design, Americans have also innovated the fashion industry by inventing things we cannot live without. No, not the iPhone. I’m talking things like jeans. …

jennine11 American Fashion Inventions We Just Cannot Live Without

Timeless Style: Twelve 20th Century Outfits That Totally Work Today


Since my return to blogging, I’ve been rather fixated on the idea of “Timeless” in part because I’m tired of chasing trends. What’s going to be the next “It” bag, should I run out and buy those Birkenstocks because everyone has them. What is “me” and what is the fashion hamster wheel? Well, the quest to define “Timeless” style cannot …

jennineTimeless Style: Twelve 20th Century Outfits That Totally Work Today

Links à la Mode: Wardrobe Essentials


Wardrobe Essentials When it comes right down to it, what do you REALLY love to wear? Not the stuff you think you’re supposed to love, but the things you really love and actually do wear. Hmm… In this internet age we’ve gotten carried away with the lightning fast trends, and somehow need to find a way to get back to …

jennineLinks à la Mode: Wardrobe Essentials

AYR Fall 2014 Lookbook: A Collection of Favorite Pieces


I’ve shared recently that I was trying to hone in on what my “style” was by setting limitations. Wearing classic clothing that works with almost any other piece in my wardrobe has become almost a quest for me. That, and finding new places other than my standby: J. Crew, H&M, Zara, Shopbop, The RealReal, and whatever they’re selling on Amazon rounds. …

jennineAYR Fall 2014 Lookbook: A Collection of Favorite Pieces

Do You Have “Rules” for Your Wardrobe?

photo (16)

Yesterday, I went to visit Lauren Podoll at her boutique in Burlingame. And while looking at her collection, I told her something that I had never told anyone before out loud. I’ve commented here and there, but never in a conversation had I actually vocalized it. I have set rules for my wardrobe. The decision came after I had my …

jennineDo You Have “Rules” for Your Wardrobe?

Style Inspiration Board… Resort 2015


Believe it or not, I DO pay attention to the fashion shows every season. Even though I’m pretty much sitting out going to fashion week for the foreseeable future. (Really, I prefer to sleep, and watch from my iPad). One of the reasons why I pay attention to fashion shows is to help me edit and figure out where my …

jennineStyle Inspiration Board… Resort 2015