Why the “Not-Feminist” Feminist Trend Is Frightening


When I think of “Not-Feminists,” usually images of older men, probably not very educated. Older women, like from my grandmother’s generation. Some people who didn’t go to college, or maybe high school. Hillbillies. The religious right. Sarah Palin types. What’s disturbing is the new generation of Anti-Feminists are young women. Young women with careers. Seemingly educated. They also believe that …

jennineWhy the “Not-Feminist” Feminist Trend Is Frightening

Pretty or Chic?


I used to go to this early morning support group. 6am early. In order to get there, I would just roll out of bed, throw on a sweatshirt, ratty jeans, sneakers and a baseball cap and go. For months, I did this. Then I got a job which required me to be there at 8am, so I woke up early …

jenninePretty or Chic?

The Bossy-Pushy-Bitch Thing is Real

The past 24 hours has brought up a lot of discussion about women in the workforce, particularly gender stereotypes as Jill Abramson was mysteriously fired from the New York Times. Words like, “pushy” and “bossy” came to describe her as speculation that she did what any man would to if they found out they were not paid what their predecessor was …

jennineThe Bossy-Pushy-Bitch Thing is Real

I miss you.

Hello my dears, It’s been a while. I’m a little embarrassed, but most of you know I’ve just not been around here. Of course, that’s how it always is. We get busy, we get bored, we move on to other things. I didn’t want to say “Goodbye.” though, because I knew this day would come. I would find my way …

jennineI miss you.