Taye Diggs Followed Me On Twitter

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On Sunday I was working on this Halloween party, and my phone made that beeping sound. I looked over and saw, “@tayediggs is following you on Twitter.” Taye Diggs? As in that super hunky actor with a killer smile? No! It could not possibly be. Must be one of those parody accounts. Although, a parody Taye Diggs account would be hilarious. You …

jennineTaye Diggs Followed Me On Twitter

I Feel Like I’m Getting Dumber


I used to think I was really smart. Until we moved and my new teacher tested my reading level by giving a paragraph to read. I sat there, and even though I could read, I couldn’t concentrate at all, the paragraph just looked like a bunch of letters. So naturally, I couldn’t answer any of her questions about the text, and naturally …

jennineI Feel Like I’m Getting Dumber

We Need to Make It Easier (and Safer) to Talk About Suicide


When the news about Robin Williams broke, it felt like someone punched me in the stomach. While I was deeply saddened to hear of his death, and that he committed suicide, I was not shocked. I did see him in real life once, in 2006, and while I can’t disclose the details of where I saw him, I can say that …

jennineWe Need to Make It Easier (and Safer) to Talk About Suicide

What’s the difference between Selfies and Self Portraits?

  The first “selfie” I took was in 1999 with a Polaroid camera. I’m not sure why I wanted to take a photo of myself. My husband at the time was/is a photographer, and he took a lot of photos of me. Yet, for some reason taking a photo of myself was different. I had control over my own image. …

jennineWhat’s the difference between Selfies and Self Portraits?

Why the “Not-Feminist” Feminist Trend Is Frightening


When I think of “Not-Feminists,” usually images of older men, probably not very educated. Older women, like from my grandmother’s generation. Some people who didn’t go to college, or maybe high school. Hillbillies. The religious right. Sarah Palin types. What’s disturbing is the new generation of Anti-Feminists are young women. Young women with careers. Seemingly educated. They also believe that …

jennineWhy the “Not-Feminist” Feminist Trend Is Frightening

Pretty or Chic?


I used to go to this early morning support group. 6am early. In order to get there, I would just roll out of bed, throw on a sweatshirt, ratty jeans, sneakers and a baseball cap and go. For months, I did this. Then I got a job which required me to be there at 8am, so I woke up early …

jenninePretty or Chic?

The Bossy-Pushy-Bitch Thing is Real

The past 24 hours has brought up a lot of discussion about women in the workforce, particularly gender stereotypes as Jill Abramson was mysteriously fired from the New York Times. Words like, “pushy” and “bossy” came to describe her as speculation that she did what any man would to if they found out they were not paid what their predecessor was …

jennineThe Bossy-Pushy-Bitch Thing is Real