Getting Ready for New York Fashion Week

Hi there, I’m sitting here getting everything ready for the IFB Conference tomorrow, and yes, it’s been a while. I’m sorry. A lot of things have been going on, as you all know, I’ve been spending all my time working on IFB, but also last fall, I found out I was having a baby. Which is great, because being 38 and all, and one of the last of my friends (who want children) to take the plunge, it was a happy moment. But I didn’t want to share, because I had a miscarriage, one over the summer, which was heartbreaking, and I didn’t feel comfortable talking about it. In a way still don’t, but it’s part of the reason why it was hard to balance the blogs. But this baby, seems to be doing well so far, I’m 21 weeks. and having a boy! Over the fall, I was tired, bloated, and working on IFB, so it really didn’t leave a lot of time to take photos and blog. One day I’ll learn balance.

Anyway, the IFB Conference is almost here, it’s always exciting that 400 bloggers are getting together just before fashion week, and while it’s a challenge season after season, I’m thrilled to see everyone. Another thing that’s always fun to do right before the conference, and before fashion week is to shop and get everything together. Last season, I picked up quite a few things from the new Piperlime store in Soho, which were some of my favorite pieces, until my clothes didn’t fit anymore. This season, they’ve partnered with me to show what I would wear getting ready for fashion week. Last night I did some last minute shopping, and because maternity clothes basically suck, I found some amazing pieces that would fit someone 5 months pregnant, because I don’t one of those cute pregnant bumps, it’s more like my boobs doubled in size…and yeah… but anyway. It was great to find some cool clothes to wear, the shift dress by Tibi, is classic, has a great amount of stretch, goes with pretty much anything, and the coat by Maison Scotch has a great fit in the shoulders, which for an oversize blazer coat, is perfect. I also have a habit of buying leopard print shoes, which these NineWest booties really have a great heel height, as this is as high as I can go in my current state.

For all of you going to the IFB  Conference, I really look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

Photos by Taylor Davies!

jennineGetting Ready for New York Fashion Week