Blonde Ambition

I’ll tell you a not-so secret secret… I’ve always thought I had a blonde personality, but alas most of my life I thought I would look horrible as a blonde. With my olive skin and dark eyes, it didn’t seem the most logical hair color to go with, being blonde was something of a dream, albeit a dream somewhere after being a size zero and having a dishwasher in my apartment. Yep, I dream big. Lately, I’ve been seeing all kinds of people going blonde, from Beyonce to Rhianna, to Mary J Blige, Jessica Alba, Nicole Ritchie,  the late Brittney Murphy, being blonde no longer implies you were born that way, so no one expects all blondes to have fair skin and light eyes.

I made the decision sometime after experimenting with the ombre, a look most brunettes can pull off, I wondered if I could go all the way. Luckily my colorist, Marissa at Pimps and Pinups was optimistic, even though many people told me to stick with brunette. And she did a dark blonde, more of a honey color, not so far from the ombre. It was a big shock at first, but I’ve come to really love it.

A lot of people have asked me if “blondes have more fun?” The answer to that is, I don’t know, I’m having the same amount of fun. But it is fun trying new looks.

Have you ever gone through a dramatic color change with your hair? Did you stay with it?

Above, wearing a necklace from my grandmother and a squirrel Wendy Brandes necklace.

Wearing: Denim Shirt : Madewell • Skirt: American Apparel • Bag: Pendleton • Shoes: Pierre Hardy

Photos by Crissie Fuller

jennineBlonde Ambition

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  1. Rachael

    I like your haircolor! Way to be daring! We girls aren’t always logical with our haircolor decisions. I color mine red, even though it’s the color that fades the quickest and I can’t afford the upkeep it really needs.

  2. a fashionable life for me

    I think it suits you! I’ve had a load of colours over the years from bleached blonde to pink to red to (accidentally) grey and black. I’m naturally mousey but have been brown for years now. I will stay brown forever! I just know its the colour for me after years of trying!

  3. Katy @ Sugar and Chiffon

    I love your new haircolor! I actually think the blonde complements your skintone BETTER than the darker hair. And your colorist did an excellent job- if I didn’t know better, I’d think you were born a blonde. It looks amazing!

  4. Courtney

    The blonde looks striking on you! I am actually a natural blonde but a dark eyed, dark roots, dark eyebrows one and it always made me feel super awkward and sort of unnatural looking so I started dyeing my hair dark and red when I was a teenager. But I often think about going back to my roots!

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  5. Hershey

    Hi! I love your look! We’re the same, I also have a blonde dream. But since I do not have a flair complexion, I don’t think it would fit me. What color do you think would fit a dark colored woman?

    Thanks for this!


  6. Mary Smith

    Oh I love the shoes because of its colors. And the necklace?! Oh how I love it too! They’re adorable. I believe women should try new look for themselves once in a while. But let me ask you this, have you tried on something you’re not really comfortable with just because it’s fashionable and lots of people say that it looks good on you?

    I enjoyed your fashion post. Til the next one!


  7. For Those About To Shop

    I did a lot of highlights in the past which rendered me almost blonde. I noticed I got a lot more catcalls! Men are more aggressive with blonds – I notice that when I am with blonde friends.

    1. jennine

      oh my! yeah, i don’t notice the blonde/brunette attention difference is as great as the straight/curly when i wear my hair curly whether it’s dark or not, dudes tend to hold doors open more often. which is kind of weird.

  8. Cammila

    At the risk of simply stating the obvious, the color absolutely suits you. I don’t know if blondes have more fun, but effervescent people have more fun, for sure — and are often unafraid to try new things with their hair. ;)

  9. Becca

    Love the brightness of the new hair color! Perfect for warmer weather! I would love to know what you think about the sizing of that loooovely leather jacket you wore in the previous White Jeans Post. Are you wearing Petite size or Regular? I’m on the verge of ordering it, but being 5’4″ I don’t want the sleeves to be too long which is often an issue…thanks!

  10. Riyo

    Blondes have more fun… but of course :) Very nice shoes… Pierre Hardy’s the best. Thanks for posting, Jennine. :)

    -Riyo S.

  11. kimmiepooh

    This looks great! I’m a brunette with coloring a shade or 2 lighter than Bey and I so want to go blonde, even if its just a few minor highlights. I think a darker blonde would be perfect so I’m definitely going to test it out. I’ve been jet black, auburn, white blonde highlights, even burgundy, so I love experimenting with my hair. Plus, coloring it keeps me from chopping it back off!

  12. Kettle Confections

    The coloring looks great on you, the shade of blonde is done so well that it matches your skin tone, and eye/eyebrow color! I was just walking around that area of where your pictures are taken, the Lafayette espresso bar there has such good coffee.

  13. Alicia Parker

    Hi Jennine. I’m brunette I would prefer change to blonde. I liked your squirrel Wendy Brandes necklace. That’s really artistic.
    Nice post. Loved that.

  14. Jeanne

    Blonde Ambition is a film released in December 2007 and inspired by the theme of the Academy Award-winning movie Working Girl starring singer/actress Jessica Simpson playing the part of a small town girl who moves to New York City and rises up into a career as a business woman. The film also stars Luke Wilson, Paul Vogt and actor/comedian Andy Dick.

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