Blonde Ambition

I’ll tell you a not-so secret secret… I’ve always thought I had a blonde personality, but alas most of my life I thought I would look horrible as a blonde. With my olive skin and dark eyes, it didn’t seem the most logical hair color to go with, being blonde was something of a dream, albeit a dream somewhere after being a size zero and having a dishwasher in my apartment. Yep, I dream big. Lately, I’ve been seeing all kinds of people going blonde, from Beyonce to Rhianna, to Mary J Blige, Jessica Alba, Nicole Ritchie,  the late Brittney Murphy, being blonde no longer implies you were born that way, so no one expects all blondes to have fair skin and light eyes.

I made the decision sometime after experimenting with the ombre, a look most brunettes can pull off, I wondered if I could go all the way. Luckily my colorist, Marissa at Pimps and Pinups was optimistic, even though many people told me to stick with brunette. And she did a dark blonde, more of a honey color, not so far from the ombre. It was a big shock at first, but I’ve come to really love it.

A lot of people have asked me if “blondes have more fun?” The answer to that is, I don’t know, I’m having the same amount of fun. But it is fun trying new looks.

Have you ever gone through a dramatic color change with your hair? Did you stay with it?

Above, wearing a necklace from my grandmother and a squirrel Wendy Brandes necklace.

Wearing: Denim Shirt : Madewell • Skirt: American Apparel • Bag: Pendleton • Shoes: Pierre Hardy

Photos by Crissie Fuller

jennineBlonde Ambition