Yellow Jeans for Work

Yellow is a highly underrated color. Orange too. But yellow is one of the colors I can surround myself in and feel happy with. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always go well with my complexion. Over the past few years, colored jeans have really come into their own. I’ve been wearing a pair of green jeans for a while, and have a pair of orange ones, but this pastel yellow by J Brand is easily one of my favorites. It pretty much goes with everything, and makes every outfit happy.  Not to mention the stretchy twill is super comfortable, making this pair of jeans a staple in my weekly rotation.

Here I’ve paired it with my turqoise Ariztia silk blouse and a standard black blazer with vintage pumps. It probably falls in the color blocking trend, though I’m afraid of color blocking being “so 2011″ oh well, it’s easy. Today I had a meeting and had to look somewhat presentable and blazers always make every outfit look dressed up, even if it’s with a cheery pair of yellow jeans.


Wearing: Jeans: JBrand • Blouse: Aritzia • Blazer: Juice Couture (gift) • Bag: 3.1 Philip Lim • Pumps: Vintage • Tights: Wolford • Jewelry: Low Luv, Vintage and something from Gilt…

Photos by Crissie Fuller

jennineYellow Jeans for Work

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  1. fshnonmymind

    I love this ensemble, especially the color of your jeans paired with that top and I can’t leave out that gorgeous Phillip Lim bag. ;)
    Yellow can definitely be underated and I am determined to break it out on the scene single-handedly this season.

  2. Swan

    Wait a second. Is that an Instagram feed? Ok, now I’m jealous! I’ll have to get on that. And X to you by the way :)

  3. MizzJ

    I agree the soft buttercup yellow of these jeans makes them much more wearable than a more brighter tone would. I’ve been hunting for more colored denim albeit cheaper ones than J Brand as nice as they are :)

  4. Liz

    I’m totally assuming you took off your jacket for this pic? New York is freezing !

    That said, your yellow jeans are super. I used to have the best purple jeans..and stupidly got rid of them

  5. Megan

    You look so cute! BTW I tried your sock bun instructions and it worked! I have super thin hair and this is a def. option for me. Thanks so much!

  6. A Reader

    I love those colors together! Looks great. But I have to ask: did you really go to a meeting with your shirt un-tucked like that?

  7. Maria

    I love the whole outfit. Yellow just fits well light blue and black. I love to wear something that would make me look both classy and professional. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Katy Rose

    Love the way you combined the bold blue top with the muted yellow pants. You color block like a pro. I need to take a page from your book. – Katy

  9. Jennine

    Hi! Wow, just found your blog randomly by googling my name to see if my and my sister’s blog came up; your blog was the first thing to come up. Jennine isn’t such a common name, so I’m glad I found it. I love your style and the 5 steps for the hair sock bun was totally awesome, thanks! Check out our blog if you have a chance :)

  10. Daisymay

    Love the shade of yellow on your jeans. Such a nice colour! I really want some coloured jeans for this summer. I have green ones too but have never been braave enough to buy another shade
    Daisy Dayz

  11. Cammila

    I absolutely think that yellow is underrated. It’s definitely heaven on you — look how vibrant and gorgeous your complexion looks!

    Also, sorry to be sappy but I got really busy over the past year and fell out of the habit of looking at some of my favorite blogs — including yours. I really missed it. I’m REALLY glad you’re still blogging, and as awesome at it as ever. :)

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