Antonio Berardi Gives New Meaning to Curves

One of my favorite quotes from 30 Rock, is Kenneth saying to Liz Lemon, “Your thin, but you’re not New York thin.” Meaning it as a compliment of course (does Kenneth ever say anything mean?). While fashion week is certainly not the place for body acceptance, it’s interesting to see when designers quit literally take on the curves of human form. Antonio Berardi, supported by Peroni Nastro Azzurro,  debuted his winter collection, that paid homage to rococo and the human form, he says, “I want to give the impression of curves without cutting into the body.” The literal curves mixed with geometric sequins, tailored into the gowns, the peplums creating a more hourglass shape along with Matisse like cut out shapes on the backs of coats. It all was quite lovely, modern and very lady like.

See the full collection here!

I just want to say thanks to Peroni Nastro Azzurro for giving me such a wonderful LFW experience!

jennineAntonio Berardi Gives New Meaning to Curves

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  1. MizzJ

    The detail on that first shot is gorgeous, but is anyone else finding it kinda funny how this collection pays homage to a body form that isn’t promoted on the runway? lol

  2. Sharon

    I agree with Clare the heels are nice. The coats are interesting but, they definitely are not going on my, “I really want it” list. Oh, the heels can go on it.

  3. The Riotine

    I love the idea of creating curves in material, hopefully at some point the models wearing the clothes will have curves also. Great post


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