Florence: Leopard, Lace & Luisa Via Roma

I hate to start of a post with an apology… To be honest, the break was never intended on being so long. First it was Christmas, then I got terribly sick, now the IFB Conference is coming together along with a short trip to Florence for Luisa Via Roma’s Firenze4ever. Though I was at the Savoy hotel most the time nursing my cold. I did get a chance to rifle through the Luisa Via Roma inventory to create a series of looks. It was amazing to have all those clothes at your fingertips! The first of the three looks, I found this MSGM cotton lace dress that could really work in both winter and spring. Then I tried on the Giambatisata Valli leopard jacket, which instantly reminded me of 1960′s swing coats and boxy jackets. It had the perfect amount of volume to compliment a body-con dress. Looking for shoes, I completed the look with Valentino studded pumps. Oh My God. The studs are perfect, both in form and in quality, they’re very solid. And the heel is thin but perfectly balanced. For heels they are so comfortable, and the edgiest classic shoe I’ve ever seen.

The Zagliani Python Bag… 80′s style…

I had one day when I was well enough to wander around… Florence, is quite simply the most amazingly charming city I’ve ever been to. The architecture, the cobble stone streets, the statues (like this lion about to take a bite out of David’s head! Gotta love perspective!)

Anyway, what a start to the year.


Photos by Tommaso Gesuato

jennineFlorence: Leopard, Lace & Luisa Via Roma

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  1. Fajr

    The stone backdrop goes perfectly with that lace! Those shoes are killer and just the cure for your cold! Glad you feel better!

  2. Alanna

    Those shoes (and your legs) are tdf.

    Amazing pictures, sounds like a marvelous trip.
    More pics of Italy!

  3. Shini

    My goodness I didn’t see you in this outfit, you look SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCKIN hot!
    So so lovely to see you again, hope you had a safe trip back! <3

  4. Mary

    I love your shoes.. your dress is to die for! You are the epitome of chic. And the background is magnificent. Happy New Year to you.. and so glad you are feeling better!

  5. The Blossom Shed

    I too have had a cold, and an overly long writing break this holiday – both are unavoidable it seems! I adore that dress, and there’s nothing more beautiful than winter sunshine in Florence. Enjoy your trip!

  6. life/style/flash.

    It’s such a shame you were unwell! Florence is so pretty, I’m lucky enough to have been twice :)

    p.s. The real David is in the Galleria dell’Accademia, that’s an imposter!!

  7. Anon

    I love, love, love those shoes, but I don’t think the dress does anything for you at all.
    Florence is a fabulous city. I’m glad you got to enjoy it at least a little bit.

  8. Jessie in Fashion Limbo

    Uber jealous as I’ve been wanting to go to Florence for years now. I even speak fluent Italian but have never visited the country, and being European is shameful of me, I really should go :)
    Hope you have a lovely 2012 Jennine, and hopefully will see you next time you are around London, as I’ve moved here. xxx

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