Finding the Perfect Blazer

If you’re curvy up top blazers can be a horror story. Unfortunately, I adore blazers. I love the way they look on people, I love the idea of wearing them, however, finding the perfect blazer that doesn’t look boxy or adds a good optical ten pounds is a challenge. In fact, I hadn’t gotten a new blazer in very long time, and that’s not due to lack of desire. Finding a good fit took me well over a year!

Over the weekend, I stopped by Uniqlo to “help my husband shop” noticed the blazer section, and gave it a shot. This one particular blazer works because it has narrow shoulders, the collar is high and it the buttons are high and it subtly tapers out. With a few diagonal pocket to make the eyes go where they need to it really makes for the perfect blazer. Now I’m addicted, and wearing all the time! Of course, it’s nice to have such a mild start to December, that way it’s possible to wear this around town.

Wearing: Blazer and socks: Uniqlo • Pleated Blouse: CoS • Trousers: Theory • Shoes: Repetto • Necklace: Somewhere on Shopbop

Photo by Taylor Davies

jennineFinding the Perfect Blazer