Finding the Perfect Blazer

If you’re curvy up top blazers can be a horror story. Unfortunately, I adore blazers. I love the way they look on people, I love the idea of wearing them, however, finding the perfect blazer that doesn’t look boxy or adds a good optical ten pounds is a challenge. In fact, I hadn’t gotten a new blazer in very long time, and that’s not due to lack of desire. Finding a good fit took me well over a year!

Over the weekend, I stopped by Uniqlo to “help my husband shop” noticed the blazer section, and gave it a shot. This one particular blazer works because it has narrow shoulders, the collar is high and it the buttons are high and it subtly tapers out. With a few diagonal pocket to make the eyes go where they need to it really makes for the perfect blazer. Now I’m addicted, and wearing all the time! Of course, it’s nice to have such a mild start to December, that way it’s possible to wear this around town.

Wearing: Blazer and socks: Uniqlo • Pleated Blouse: CoS • Trousers: Theory • Shoes: Repetto • Necklace: Somewhere on Shopbop

Photo by Taylor Davies

jennineFinding the Perfect Blazer

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  1. Elle @ Chellbellz

    I have the worst time finding blazers because my chest is too big. i finally found a good cut that works for me, and as much as I used to rip out the shoulder pads but now I embrace them. But it’s still hard for me to find them.

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  2. lisa

    I’m so jealous that you have Uniqlo in New York! Blazers are a challenge for me too: I only have two, and before those two came into my life I hadn’t bought a new one in years. Even if I find one that’s a good fit, it always needs alterations: sleeves shortened, another buttonhole added, etc. Two-button blazers fit me best and it always kills me when I find a beautiful blazer only to discover that it’s single-button (Zara, I’m looking at you).

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  3. John

    I am just thinking. . . have you ever tried a custommade blazer, that really fits ? It might be more expensive, but last forever. To have it made is a nice experience, but I have to warn you – you can get addicted ;o)

    Keep it up and have a nice day.

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      You know, I should probably do that, that’s what men have to do after all… so why are women so adverse to bespoke clothing? Trends change too fast? I don’t know..

      1. Mopsy

        I’m going for the custom made option, I’m sick of searching for trousers and jackets only to find when the cut is good the fabric is often horrible and vice versa.

  4. Pam @over50feeling40

    I love the blazer with your top and necklace. Blazers keep me looking thin…but you are right, you have to really watch for great seaming and styling in order to find them. I wear them most of the time!

  5. Maria

    Blazers are like a uniform to me! I wear them almost everyday!!! Most of my blazers are from Theory and Zara! Especially, Zara has great blazers in many colors and styles and in good prices and their quality is really good!

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  6. Natalie Garza

    I totally know what you mean. It’s so frustrating trying on blazer after blazer and none of them fit or look right. I’m inspired to know you were able to find one, so I won’t give up! I love how you paired your new blazer with those super cute shoes and necklace.

  7. BeLighter

    I love blazers as well! It’s such an easy way of dressing up an outfit! Love them!
    Fortunately, I don’t seem to have that problem “upstairs” :D

    In fact, it’s the second time in less then a month, that I publish an outfit with blazer!
    btw, yours is lovely!

  8. Christina

    It’s true — blazers are amazingly versatile… if you can find one that fits you. The problem is that the standard is for blazer patterns to be constructed for a “B cup” chest. Good luck with traditional brands if you’re much bigger than that. It’s what we’re trying to fix at Quincy, with sizes based on bra size (and a separate pattern for larger-chested ladies that fits — no joke — up to a DD). We’re still building out the rest of our collection and our website, but the most perfect blazer ever is already available. Check it out!

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