Bleach London gave me My Little Pony hair

To be honest, I asked them to do it. It’s supposed to wash out in 4 washes, so I took the chance. I haven’t even thought of dying my hair other than brown or bronde for years and when Bleach London opened up their pop up shop at Milk Studios, I wanted to give it a go.

Bleach London specializes in the ombre on acid. You can get any kind of wild color there and they have a way of making it look good. My stylist Alisha, suggested with my crazy hair texture to get strands of multiple colors, pink, purple, green… kind of like a My Little Pony. I have to say, I like the results, it’s fun and if I want to put the pink away, all I have to do is put my hair in a bun, and that is that. Oddly enough, after I got my hair done, I ran into of all people Terry Richardson, who said, “cute hair” in a really nice and a surprisingly not creepy way. I’ll have to take that as a compliment.

Oh! And while we’re on the My Little Pony topic, have you heard of Bronies? They’re dudes who sincerely like My Little Pony. Woah.

Photos by Nando Alvarez

jennineBleach London gave me My Little Pony hair

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  1. Bella Q

    I love the fun colors! I’ve been wanting to dye my hair pink- and I think you’ve motivated me to get crackin’. I’ll dedicate the attempt to your locks.

  2. christina

    I love it! I currently have pink in my hair too and I get so many compliments. And like you said, if you want to hide it, just pull it back and tuck it under.

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