Dressing for the Summer Heat

Trying not to state the obvious, but it’s hot in New York City. Mega-hot. I’m no stranger to heat, but it’s been a while, and never had to work in an office in blistering heat. Thank god for A/C! However getting dressed for the times when I have to be outside can be a challenge. One can literally walk outside naked and have too much clothes on. I prefer not to do that. There are some things I keep in mind when getting dressed while keeping the hoochie elements to a minimum.

1: Comfortable Fabrics

The theory of dressing for hot weather and wearing less clothes is a bit of a myth. When I’m visiting my family in more desert climates, sun protection is just as much of a factor. I was probably the most overdressed person at Coachella, but I also didn’t get a sun burn! And I wasn’t overheated due to the types of fabrics I wore. Thank goodness, silk has made a comeback this year. I find myself wearing airy silk clothing all the time. While I’ve had to learn to eat more carefully (not a bad thing) silk shirts and dresses have really made summer heat bearable. Cotton is also great, modals and jerseys are perfect for the heat, especially when it’s humid out. The key is wear fabrics that breathe. Always.

2. Creative ways of Bearing Skin

Some people do cover themselves from head to toe in the heat. Some practically wear bikinis. I’m more in the unexpected skin baring camp. The cut out button down shirts I’ve been seeing around for the past few years have been so inspiring. A new twist to a stuffy style always gets me going. Here I’ve finally succumbed to buying the Equipment silk cutout blouse. It’s way more comfortable than some of their cheaper counterparts and well worth the investment. I love the way it exposes the shoulders but covers everything else. Paired with a stripped mini skirt and flat sandals makes an outfit covered but unexpectedly uncovered.

What are some of your heat-bearing tips?


Wearing: Blouse: Equipment • Skirt: H&M • Sunglasses: Karen Walker • Shoes: Matt Bernson • Bag; Coach* (*gift)

Photos by Nando Alvarez

jennineDressing for the Summer Heat