Questionable Trends: Heelless Gaga Boots

The internet has yielded many trends that at one time seemed questionable and hurled them into the mainstream. Latex tights? Hello shiny leggings. Leather, bondage, the stripper shoes, platforms to high heaven. They’ve also enabled the masses to see runway shoes and take something very niche and bring it to an affordable price where you and I can afford.  Take the Lita for example, practically every fashion blogger on Earth has a version (myself included) but it was a direct rip off of Charles Anastase’s Dungeon Boots. I can see where it comes from, online, bolder pieces communicate stronger messages than the more subtle, minimal things. What may be an amazing t-shirt in real life doesn’t always translate in the digital space.

While meandering through the internets, I came across the Saffo Night Walker Boots, and thought, “Oh to high heaven what the fizzle sticks?” First, I wondered who would order these? Then I wondered, where would they wear them if they did order them? And finally, I wondered… How the heck can anyone walk in those things? So, I ordered them. To see for myself.

You know when you order stuff off the internet, sometimes you are surprised either because it’s better , or because it’s worse… but these were pretty much what I expected them to be. They are true to image. That said I was equally horrified by them. However when I tried them on, they weren’t uncomfortable. If you’re a gothic drag queen, I can imagine you can dance all night in these night walkers, and would recommend it! Walking was ok, though my ankle did wobble a bit, so if you get these you better have health insurance.

But I’m an old lady… maybe they wouldn’t fit so much in my office life, but as a fashion blogger? I can imagine a few who can make them work. What do you think? Do you give these boots the yay or nay?

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Photo and video by Nando Alvarez

jennineQuestionable Trends: Heelless Gaga Boots