Closet Raid Preview: Betsey Johnson Pink Lace Dress

Pink Dress-8

Sometimes, I’ll fall in love with something, and even though I love it, even though it physically “looks good” on me… for some reason, it doesn’t work. As a grown woman, cutesy isn’t exactly the first look to go for. Every time I wear pastels I feel like a fraud. Especially wearing pink. Even more so wearing pink AND bows! But hey, a girl’s gotta try new things! Yesterday, we did a photo shoot to create stock photos for IFB posts, and I thought it would be cute to wear something a little vintagey and cutesy. I bought this Betsey Johnson dress last year at Beacon’s Closet after seeing a similar dress at the Betesy Johnson store in ivory for ten times as much. I guess it just never made it to wear until now, in fact it was going to go on sale at the Blogger Closet Raid tomorrow…. I’ll be selling lots of lovely pieces that I love, but honestly can’t wear for one reason or another like a silk Prada blouse… so hopefully you can find something that works for you! Hope to see you tomorrow!

Blogger Closet Raid

Saturday, June 25th

Tribeca Grand
2 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10013

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Photos by Nando Alvarez

jennineCloset Raid Preview: Betsey Johnson Pink Lace Dress

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  1. Ashe @ Dramatis Personae

    It’s a super cute dress… and it does look great on you. I think it’s the color? Like if it were in olive green and sans bow, I could see you wearing the hell out of it.

    How cute is that last picture?!

    Lots of success to the Blogger Closet Raid– I’ll be thinking of you all!

  2. Liz

    The dress is really cute, but I know what you mean. It would definitely work if it was black. It does look cute though!

  3. Chrissy - Boots & Pearls

    OMG I am in LOVE with that dress! IN LOVE! I, too, like the look of pretty girly things, but they just don’t always work on me. This dress looks AMAZING on you – fun and summer-y without being too “little girl-ish.” FAB!


    I think you look fantastic in pink, as a matter of fact you are smiling hehehhe. But perphaps you feel safe behind the more suttle colour. After all if an outfit doesn´t make you feel wonderful, it better goes!!!
    Have a fantastic sale.

  5. For Those About To Shop

    That dress is exquisite and I don’t think it’s too cutesy at all. Pink, lace and bows are always a lovely, feminine choice. It’s nice to embrace being a girl in an unapologetic way sometimes.

  6. saigon

    cutesy and pink. pink falls often into that cutesy category. but the dresss is awesome. the shoes add a more nastier look. compared to the dress

  7. Jelena

    What a beautiful and magnificent dress!! And u look so happy and pretty in it!:)
    U know what’s funny? I knew for your blog from before, and I have visited and commented few times, and now I saw I haven’t been following u!:Dlol Mistake is corrected!;) Enjoy your day!!

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