Raid My Closet This Saturday


When you have a lot of clothes and a tiny closet, it’s hard to keep things unless they’re getting worn all the time. All. The. Time. Even if they’re cute, even if they are designer got for a great price. For me, it’s either a case of having a massive wardrobe and being the next feature on Hoarders, or sharing with all of you all the pieces I cared enough to bring home.

This Saturday at the Tribeca Grand there’ll be 10 bloggers along with Edun and MiH Jeans at the Lyst.com booth selling pieces from their closet as part of one gigantic blogger closet raid…. Please stop by! It’ll be great to meet you!

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Blogger Closet Raid

Saturday, June 25th

Tribeca Grand
2 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10013


jennineRaid My Closet This Saturday

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  1. BeLighter

    That tittle sounded dangerous! and after reading your post, I feel I need to move to N.Y. because that’s where all the action takes place… ;-)

  2. Homme a' la mode

    That sounds like a great idea, here you are giving clothes away and I’m trying to expand my wardrobe, but I agree you should only keep things that you actually wear, conspicuous consumption never works out well in the end lol.

  3. Ann

    This is an excellent idea. Too bad I’m on the west coast! For those that are attending, I hope you find something exquisite for you.

  4. ann

    i am so psyched for this! i already got out my iron and lint roller to make everything look like new again : )

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