Self Tanner Review: Jergens Natural Glow Express: Before and After Pics

Years ago I was burned by the self tanner. Metaphorically burned, physically I was orange, streaky and splotchy. Nubia had mentioned she had a similar experience and felt like a ‘walking cheeto.’

Hence my reluctance to indulge in self tanners. However, after years of avoiding the sun (you should see my beech pics, large straw hat, sunglasses, blanket… ) I am super white. It didn’t matter when I lived in a town where sweaters could be worn all year round, but in New York, where it’s hotter than hell… times call for baring skin.

Last week, I asked on Twitter, “What self tanners do you use?” I got a great response, and a lot of people were  saying they used the Jergens line. Since they sell Jergens at my local drug store, Duane Reade, and it costs just under $10, I gave the Jergens Natrual Glow Express a whirl.

Jergens Natural Glow Express:

This small bottle boasts that it works fast. Since my previous experience of applying every day and getting slight results I wanted to be able to tell right away if it worked. I applied it at night. The lotion is rich and does not smell of chemicals. I asked around the office if they thought it smelled bad, and they all agreed it just smelled like lotion.


The application process was a bit more intense than slapping on lotion but not much more. I was careful not to put much on my knees and feet, as well as washing hands afterwards. Let the product set in for a few minutes before wearing clothes. And that was it.


Results were apparent overnight. My thighs which have always been super white were the same color as my arms… something that has never happened before. While I thought I looked orange, it was only slightly warmer than my natural skin tone. The over all effects were good. My husband even said, “Wow, this is a miracle bottle.” I don’t know about miracles… but it certainly worked, and hey, for $10… totally worth not going to a tanning salon and frying my epidermis.

What self tanner do you use? Any success/horror stories?

Top photos by Nando Alvarez



jennineSelf Tanner Review: Jergens Natural Glow Express: Before and After Pics