Wearing: Geometric Patterns

My whole life I’ve had problems with patterns. Even as a teen, I anguished over mixing polka dots and stripes. Handling one pattern is even a challenge,  as a picky person, I’d always toil over questions like “Do the stripes make me look frumpy?” or “Does the floral pattern look tacky? Because you know it’s a fine line between chic and granny.” Oh my, if you’re even half as indecisive as I am… good luck with patterns!

Actually, luck has come in. This season, there seems to be plenty of beautiful prints everywhere, and not only is it perfectly acceptable to wear, it’s encouraged to mix it up. Personally, I’ve had to take baby steps, and started out mixing up geometric patterns. They seem to be the easiest to figure out and pair up, as it’s relatively straightforward to pick out the color combinations. Black, silver, grey with shades of yellow and orange makes for a simple palette rich in texture.

Oh yes! I’ve decided to keep the Prada shoes, but in order to justify it, no new shoes until September. Well, when a girl doesn’t even know how many shoes she owns…that’s not such a harsh ban. :)

Wearing: Shoes: Prada • Skirt: Bensoni • Blouse: In God We Trust • Collar: Eleven Objects (gifb) • Necklace: Madewell

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

jennineWearing: Geometric Patterns