Wearing: Geometric Patterns

My whole life I’ve had problems with patterns. Even as a teen, I anguished over mixing polka dots and stripes. Handling one pattern is even a challenge,  as a picky person, I’d always toil over questions like “Do the stripes make me look frumpy?” or “Does the floral pattern look tacky? Because you know it’s a fine line between chic and granny.” Oh my, if you’re even half as indecisive as I am… good luck with patterns!

Actually, luck has come in. This season, there seems to be plenty of beautiful prints everywhere, and not only is it perfectly acceptable to wear, it’s encouraged to mix it up. Personally, I’ve had to take baby steps, and started out mixing up geometric patterns. They seem to be the easiest to figure out and pair up, as it’s relatively straightforward to pick out the color combinations. Black, silver, grey with shades of yellow and orange makes for a simple palette rich in texture.

Oh yes! I’ve decided to keep the Prada shoes, but in order to justify it, no new shoes until September. Well, when a girl doesn’t even know how many shoes she owns…that’s not such a harsh ban. :)

Wearing: Shoes: Prada • Skirt: Bensoni • Blouse: In God We Trust • Collar: Eleven Objects (gifb) • Necklace: Madewell

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

jennineWearing: Geometric Patterns

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  1. Lucy, Dear Fish

    Hi Jenine! I read your blog religiously but I have been a terrible commenter! I just loved this whole outfit so much that I had to tell you. For a novice pattern wearer you sure know how to mix patterns. The texture of the shoes (which are incredible, btw) against the skirt and the silky blouse is just perfect. Your blog always makes me miss living in New York. Looking forward to seeing more patterns from you!

  2. Marissa

    Glad you decided to keep the shoes. They really are gorgeous. :) And they are a perfect, subtle way to mix patterns. The skirt pattern and colors remind me of your Norwegian Wood necklace. I wonder if the two would work together or if it would be too much.

  3. Annimal

    Loving those Prada, they are well worth sacrificing a few months worth of shoe purchases! And I’m glad I’m not the only one who lost count of her shoes!


    I have alway been in love with colour and a mixing, a bit like a painter.
    Perhaps it is in the water, hahahahha.

  5. For Those About To Shop

    I love the way the shoes emulate what’s going on with the pattern and color of the skirt. Both use geometrical lines and the pop of color so beautifully. I think every girl needs as least one pair of ridiculously expensive shoes, about the price of an all-inclusive vacation. Not sure why, but you never regret it.

  6. Soph

    Long time reader, first time contributor, I just couldn’t keep quiet about those shoes. Holy moly they are divine, and suit you (and New York) perfectly. Enjoy!

  7. Kristy

    oh my god, these patterns are stunning. i love the combination of that skirt with those shoes. i’m actually JUST like you with patterns which is why i avoid wearing them. i am branching out, slowly. but yes, i know exactly how you feel. but you’ve managed an entire chic, not granny or frumpy look right here. love it! thanks for the inspiration!!!

  8. Karla

    Those are some of my favorite Prada shoes from that collection.

    I must say that I find geometric patterns the hardest to mix! You did it great here though, it looks so polished! I’m working on mixing patterns, actually in acquiring patterns since I have so little of them. I’m in love with that collar as well!

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