Coachella Style

Coachella was amazing. I had never been before and didn’t know what to expect at all. But after a long winter, it was so nice to warm up in the Indio sun.. oh my god it was super hot!The bands were all great, though I have to admit I had a bit of ADD when it came to focusing on a show. There were so many well dressed people there, including bloggers Piera and Kate from Refinery29, Mister Newton , Jess Estrada and Style By Kling… It was such a challenge to get dressed for the festival as the temperatures reached almost 100° and there wasn’t a whole lot of shade to hide in. Thanks to H&M for getting me tickets and providing an air-conditioned water station to promote their Conscious Collection. People were hanging out all day in the simulated garden of Eden. I chilled for moments there and wandered around trying to take in everything.

(I’ve decided churros are the new cupcakes. Yah!)


jennineCoachella Style