Looking Closer at Mary Katrantzou AW11

There are few days when you see an item of clothing and your jaw drops. Believe me, I am in constant search of all things that makes my jaw drop! One morning while walking to work, I noticed a pop up gallery/showroom, and could tell from the window it was certainly something I wanted to see. Lo and behold, they had several designers that I have coveted over the years, one being Mary Katrantzou, who, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting back in November, along with following her career since she was in college at Central St. Martins.

It’s always a pleasure to see someone succeed… even from the web, but taking a closer look is another story (I did see a Katrantzou dress on a model, but did not want to freak her out by pawing at her dress). This collection, was in particular one of my favorites as she’s really taken the digital prints that’s she’s famous for and upped it ten notches by creating couture like structuring, lush, lush, lush fabrics, and Fabergé egg like detailing. Pawing through her collection was almost like being a girl playing with grandma’s menagerie, it’s amazing how the imagination opens up with wonder upon seeing such pretty things. Oh love, now only if we could get that feeling every day.




jennineLooking Closer at Mary Katrantzou AW11

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  1. vanessa

    Oh my goodness. I love how bold the clothing is, and the shoes are fantastic. I want the printed pair right now. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Marissa

    This was one of my favorite collections. Unlike you, I probably wouldn’t have been able to restrain myself and would have totally freaked out the model. Good self control, Jennine. ;) I hadn’t noticed the shoes before. I guess I had been too distracted by the dresses, but they’re beautiful!

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      haha… i bet the model wouldn’t have minded, but it didn’t seem like it was the best thing to do!

  3. Dani

    The combination those fantastic prints with those gorgeous sparkling stones is a stunning mix!

    Thank you so much for your words of wisdom at Blogger Camp yesterday! I did a round-up of the event and your fantastic panel on my blog! :)

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  4. Anna

    Thank you for the close up!! I always wondered how the clothes look like from a closer look. Mary is my favorite designer because her collections are so unique, plus she is Greek like me, and there is this national pride thing :P
    I had the pleasure to see her Spring collection in an event here in Athens, but didn’t see them from very close!

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  6. Alisha Ross

    I saw a piece about her in Elle U.K. really recently. Her designs are incredible. Not only is the structure and shape of all her clothes extremely impressive and a work of art in themselves, creating amazing shapes and silhouettes. But the intricacy and colour scheme of the prints take her clothes to another level. She is definitely very talented and a great designer to watch. Great piece, and I love all of the pictures.

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