Elizabeth Taylor

So sad to hear Elizabeth Taylor has died today. Since I was a girl, her movies her sultry beauty was an inspiration…

Perhaps now she can be reunited wit Richard Burton and maybe they can finally work out whatever it was they tried here on earth.

PS. How fabulous is that eagle crown?

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  1. Madeleine Gallay

    And Mike Todd, even her dear friend Michael Jackson. She endured such losses.

    And may have changed the face of AIDS with her fury at the disease and her loyalty to her friends.

    A passionate life and all the stars that are truly made of diamonds may glimmer a tad less.


  2. Louise

    Yes, rest in peace Elizabeth! I loved her especially in the lesser known movie “A Date With Judy.” She was so beautiful.

    That eagle crown is so Lady Gaga– now I know where she got it from!

  3. Kori

    She was so gorgeous. Another legend gone. Have a great day doll!

    Have you heard about my good news? Kori xoxo


  4. Pam @over50feeling40

    I know it is a sad day for my mom….she was one of her classic favorites. I loved her in National Velvet…it was one of my favorite movies when I was young. She was a true Hollywood queen!

    1. Post

      thank you! i read the vanity fair article about how richard burton wrote her a letter a few days before he died, and she never revealed what that letter said. i gotta wonder if they had an undying thing.

  5. Shelley

    That whole outfit is so over the top wonderful. I was the only kid I knew with the patience to watch “Cleopatra” all the way through, over and over. Elizabeth Taylor was my first celebrity crush and it continued for the rest of her life as I grew to admire her for her charity work and her outspoken, take no crap attitude instead of just for her beauty. Thanks for posting this, and I agree that she and Richard are probably making up for lost time as we speak!

    1. Post

      omg, i remember one summer afternoon my sister and i sat on the living room floor watching it…then i went up to get our pillows… intermission… it seemed to go on for hours and hours! which probably in adult time, it was probably as long as ‘dances with wolves’ god that movie was long!

  6. Dawn

    I think everyone feels saddened at Elizabeth Taylor’s passing. She truly was one of Hollywood’s great.

    A classy lady who always looked fabulous in her prime and right to the end, she always tried her best.

  7. potionprincess

    My Granaunt lived in la and met her once at the airport,she said up close she was really beautiful,that her eyes were really violet and that no one else ever had eyes that colour.

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