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This week is full of Annas… well two to be exact. I had my first Anna Dello Russo sighting yesterday at the Diesel Black Gold show, but didn’t catch a good shot. Now today’s sighting was completely unexpected. Attending press preview for the Alexander Wang flagship store in Soho (post to come) I was on my way out when this lovely lady was entering as I was leaving. Anna Dello Russo wearing a gorgeous pair of golden cherries on her head. What else should you expect from her?

I was particularly tickled pink about this because not only does she maintain her own blog… and she understands what makes blogging so special. In the interview she did with the Guardian there was an interesting excerpt…

Bloggers tell the truth about fashion, she says, unlike magazine editors. “In magazine, I say, I was in ivory tower. I didn’t have time to listen [to readers]. You don’t feel the people, you get list of number [circulation figures, I presume] but… and feedback come one month later. Internet is immediate! Make contact, I feel my audience! I understand what they like! They make a break in the rules! They talk to you!

That pretty much sums up my own personal love for fashion blogging.

She also has great 10 rules for the front row… you know, for when we make it to front row! My favorite was rule #7


Speaking of success/excess…. Don’t you just love the gold cherries?

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  1. Fashion Limbo

    Loving the support for blogging from Anna Dello Russo, word!! :)
    You are doing some fantastic fashion icon spotting aren’t you??? I’m really enjoying reading about it xxx

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