Today’s Attire: Blue Shag

I can’t believe that fashion week is almost over and I haven’t posted a single outfit shot. Sorry dudes. It’s been fun getting dressed, being around everyone seeing how people are dressing outside the blogger but very much into fashion is so inspiring. Fresh blood… the people I pick aren’t always who makes appearances on the interwebs…but who knows, maybe I’m looking for that thing that people have you can’t describe.

Yesterday I had one of my favorite outfits on. Believe it or not, only one thing was a recent purchase, the rest, I’ve had for ages. A thrifted Jill Sander white skirt worn to my first Fashion Week event ever (in San Francisco)… shoot, I’m even wearing the same shoes! A chambray shirt from last year. A gifted necklace from Liz Larios from last September and a navy blue Mongolian lamb jacket from Opening Ceremony being the only ‘new thing’. I love the shagginess of it! It’s so fun, adds a bit of drama to every outfit. And so warm, perfect for these transitional winter/spring days.

Spex Club had also sent me a pair of glasses to review for their new online service. I got the Peyton which runs about $58, and I’ve gotten so many compliments on them, as they’re a slight hybrid between wayfarers and cats eye. I really love them, especially during fashion week, my eyes are massively puffy! With these glasses, no one notices. Horray for glasses.

Wearing: Mongolian Lamb Coat: Rika • Chambray Shirt: H&M • Necklace: courtesy of Liz Larios • Tights: Hue • Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell • Suitcase used a purse: Vintage • Skirt: Jill Sander • Glasses: courtesy of Spex Club


Photos by Monica Shulman

jennineToday’s Attire: Blue Shag

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  1. ...love Maegan

    Love the blue Mongolian coat …and I noticed you’ve been wearing these glasses a lot …all through fashion week, they’re adorable. I love the bit of cat eye in them. You look fab! ;)

  2. Marissa

    How you have time to organize a major conference, launch yourself into regular posts and look fabulous throughout it all will never cease to amaze me. Congratulations on a very successful IFBCon. It was so wonderful to meet you, if only for a minute!

  3. wikigirl

    Congratulations on the Evolving Influence event, I stayed up until 4 am my time to watch. It was well worth the wait :) Love the second last photo, it’s so pretty. Looks like a really good bio pic.

  4. Casey

    I really love your glasses! I’m in the market for a new pair this year, and these look like they’re worth checking out! ;)

    ♥ Casey

  5. Suzanna

    This is one of my favorite outfit pics ever. Aside from loving that blue Mongolian jacket, the hair and glasses are brilliant. Everything about this look says that you are on top of the blogging world and making ginormous strides into the “real” world–everything is just as it should be.

  6. Chessa!

    I can say that she looked even more fabulous and chic in person than in these photos. That fur was beyond and the pairing with the rest of the look was GORGEOUS.

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