Wool and The Gang

Ever since I could remember I loved knits. From when my grandmother tried to teach me how to crochet, I’ve always wanted to be able to make my own yarn creations. The dream was to make beautiful wool into chunky sweaters and scarves and cozy up, especially on a snowy day like today! Yet, lo and behold, like my singing career (which has actually made people fall on the floor laughing), my knitting career is crippled by a few inherent character traits, which are good in some respects but bad for knitting…

Wool and The Gang is one of those shops that gives you the option of making your own clothes by hand or they can sell you  hand-knit and ready-made by someone more skilled… The Peruvian Wool is thick and luxurious. I’ve been obsessing ever since I first walked past their store a few months ago, peering in the windows at the chunkiest of chunky knits and gorgeously simple branding. It hits all my weak spots. When Deanne, Ann and were out shopping, I totally had to check this out again, and of course I caved and got my very own Wool and The Gang sweater. Hey, January Sales, it was half off!

Anyway for those of you who haven’t seen it… take a look, it’s certainly drool worthy wool—try saying that 5 times in a row!

jennineWool and The Gang