Desperate for Attention

Really, American Apparel? Call their brand image what you will: racy, controversial, pornographic, misogynistic, edgy, fresh, hipster. But after seeing the store sign in Soho this weekend, American Apparel just seems like an insecure teenager desperate for attention.

jennineDesperate for Attention

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  1. DWJ

    WAIT! Why were my girlfriend and I emailing back and forth yesterday about the buttless pantyhose they sell on line! HA! I’m mad they made it a sign. What is the point? I have a big butt but I would never want my but hanging out of my tights. Sigh…they really are looking for attention.

    1. Post

      actually, i can kind of see the point with those, you know so you don’t get monobutt. i was just thinking the other day it would be great if they made long underwear that scooped below the bust so we could stay warm without getting uniboob. that’s one of the big reasons i hate layers!

  2. Carly

    I was in Soho this weekend and didn’t see this..OMG..I would have died!
    It looks like it should be the campaign ad for a sex toy store…or put on a mudflap of a big truck/RV.
    I guess it is unusually disappointing because their demo is tween/young girls…wrong message of sexiness….
    in my opinion.

    1. Post

      yeah, for a while i thought they were talking about being more preppy, i guess that didn’t work as well as ass shots.
      once i saw this scantily clad lady standing outside the store, i think they put her out there to attract people, but i’m not so sure that’s all they attracted. it’s really so weird….

      i mean, i’m not offended, i just think it’s just sad.

  3. John

    I totally agree. What the hell were they thinking. . .
    Saw it last week on the Sartorialist, for the first time. Looks like they did it, just because they could; no limits and no integrety at all, it seems.

    1. Post

      expensive legggings that consistently tear in the crotch? no thank you. actually i have a few things from AA that I like a lot, but yeah, the branding is a total turn off. especially the more shocking they try to be. emphasis on “try.”

  4. Hayley

    I don’t know if they would be able to get away with that sort of branding here in the UK. I’ve not seen any of the more notorious adverts other than online. The sign is a bit too much, like they’re trying too hard to stand out!

    1. Post
    1. Post

      i love my long chiffon skirt. they do have good pieces. i just would like them more if they didn’t seem so ridiculous.

  5. Casey

    The parallel between AA and an attention-desperate teenager just cracked me up! If I didn’t know what AA was, walking past that sign I’d assume it was a sex store–not streetwear clothing! lol. But then again, not surprised that AA is doing this… the company honestly gives me the creeps.

    ♥ Casey | blog

    1. Post

      once i thought i saw a hooker standing on a corner (i used to live in a neighborhood where prostitution was prevalent, so i thought i had a good eye for spotting them) but no… it was an AA employee handing out flyers in front of the store.

  6. Bella Q

    Lady, you nailed it!
    I keep wanting to love the AA for the sweat-shop free side of things. But the fit is bad for my womanly form, and the ads leave me cold. This leaves me feeling a little like a person at a party witnessing the drunken antics of a friend of a friend: a bit embarrassed for the party involved and glad I don’t know the guy.

  7. fuyume

    wow thats a lil shocking and it does look like the kinda shop sweaty men in anoraks frequent. I cant imagine that their london branch will get that sign at least i hope not!

  8. Tamia

    Good lord, they’re putting those drawrings (like Simon) on their external signage now? On the plus side, at least it’s not the ad with the pube shot. Attention-seeking is right.

  9. charles

    that’s utterly ridiculous. this just adds to fuel to fire, as far as I’m concerned. the drawings might as well be baboons as far am i’m concerned because those cartoon girls like animals. xx

  10. Melina

    Perhaps it’s the whole ‘shock appeal’ thing? Though I really thought that was over… I feel like scantily clad is so over-played. The insecure teenager thing is a PERFECT analogy for their marketing!

  11. Mish

    I 100% agree with your sentiment. I don’t both with there leggings any longer because they are cheaper and just as good at Top Shop. xo Mish

  12. vanessa

    I think you hit the nail on the head. They are scrambling, and don’t what to do. So like a child they are acting out, and trying to get any kind of attention. I don’t agree with the theory that any press is good press.
    My Heart Blogged

  13. Marlene

    Oh no. I never thought it could get worse! In a month’s time I’ll move into a flat just opposite one of their shops. I hope I’ll be strong enough to resist..

  14. Fashion Limbo

    I have to agree. As much as I love edgy, though-provoking ideas, this is rather desperate and simple-minded. Then again, I haven’t like American Apparel’s ideas for a long time, and far from provoking, I find them boring.

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  16. Laurel

    OMG it just gets worse and worse! I thought they could never top that horrifying image of the girl in the fishnet outfit, but this is pretty bad. I guess the only thing they could do to make it more gross would be to make this image a photograph. I’m kind of surprised it isn’t, actually.

  17. raven

    HA. Actually it’s not funny. It’s more like sad and they really need to stop.

    Soooooo over their crude marketing style. Grow up AA.

  18. Courtney

    Why even bother doing this? They have brand recognition.

    This explains why I haven’t boughten a thing from them in years. I feel justified and vindicated now.

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