Shoe D’Jour: Sorel Caribou Snow Boots

Sludgy NYC crosswalk post-blizzard.

Last year, I bought my first pair of snow boots. They are cute, shearling with toggle closures. But when I bought them I didn’t know what I was doing. First off, they’re not waterproof, secondly… for some god-only-knows-why reason they did not line the toes. So after a month of wearing them in Chicago, it became clear that I still had cold toes. That’s the most important part to keep warm!

This year I grilled New Yorkers about snow boots… it’s warmer than Chicago but there is a lot, a lot, a lot of snow in New York now. It’s really going to be a snowy winter. So I went ahead and got a second pair of boots that are waterproof AND keep my toes warm.

Finding snow boots that aren’t ugly is a huge challenge. There are some ugly snow boots out there. Really ugly. I looked at the Sorel Caribous last year, but thought they were too heavy, but like the old school look about them. After seeing them in the J. Crew catalog, it sealed it for me. I had to get these. They’re relatively inexpensive at $110, and they’re ok looking, they go go along the whole duck boot trend this year that I love.

I took them to Germany with me and they’re perfect. Granted, I thought they’d be smaller, and I feel kind of like a robot when I’m walking with these giant boots. And my first instinct about them being heavy was right, they are heavy. But my feet have never been toastier. I tried wearing my regular boots in the Bavairan snow, but that led me to spending 4 days in bed with a cold.

I’m glad I got these, especially now that New York is encased in snow.

UPDATE: I just got home last night, and WOW post blizzard, NY is crazy. I’m so glad I got these, because every intersection looks like the lower left photo.

jennineShoe D’Jour: Sorel Caribou Snow Boots