Too cold to bike? Put a sweater on it.

I love my neighborhood. And since our stuff arrived the other day (including my bike), I’ve been riding around the small, tree lined streets. There are a lot of bikes around, locked to every pole structure, which makes it hard to find parking. Here’s a couple of bikes across the street from my apartment, they’re making bike babies…

Today, I was feeling tired and out of sorts, until I saw a knitted bike [correction: crocheted bike]. Right out there in real life! Nothing like unexpected whimsy to jolt me out of the land of nod. I’ve seen these on the internet around, hence, I’m showing you on the internet…just in case.

Then, after I was done marveling on how someone would have the patience to knit a bike cozy including the child seat… half way down the block was another one!

Happy Friday!

jennineToo cold to bike? Put a sweater on it.