Cut Me Some Slacks: Philip Lim and Theory Pants

These are the last few days of living out of a suitcase! Our crate arrives next week, so there’ll be no more sleeping on an air mattress in apartment full of suitcases. With no full length mirror putting together outfits is rather difficult. What I’m finding that these days along with wearing more jeans, is also wearing pants in general. So much so, I’m not sure when the last time I wore a dress. Probably a month ago, but still it’s been a while. I’m still experimenting with different ways to wear pants, but the key reason why I’ve gone back is that there are so many new silhouettes to pick from. Also, because it’s easier to layer up, with a pair of tights underneath it really adds a layer of warmth without bundling up like a marshmallow.

I got the above pair at Century21 when we were staying a few blocks away. I’ve worn these a million times since then. I love the ultra high waist and thick cotton, I just kind of wish they wouldn’t wrinkle so easy, so if anyone out there knows a good way to keep cotton crisp, do let me know!

Tory Burch boots are perfect for a day like today!

Earlier this week I work a pair of Theory wool pants that I talked about on eat, sleep, denim. They’re perfect in fit and they don’t wrinkle! I may change into these later today.

Wearing: (top) Blazer: FilipaK • Blouse: Twinkle by Wenlan • Pants: 3.1 Philip Lim • Boots courtesy of Tory Burch (bottom) Silk Tee: Vince • Pants: Theory • Shoes: Pour La Victoire • Scarf : Burro

Oh! I almost forgot! Here is a view from my new apartment… can you spot the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges? It looks better in real life… really.

jennineCut Me Some Slacks: Philip Lim and Theory Pants

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  1. Paulette W.

    I have been wearing a lot of pants lately, too. I don’t know what it is about cold weather, but it makes me instantly go into a pants and jeans world. I really do miss wearing dresses. I’m sure I will wear one soon. Love the view from your new apartment :)

  2. Style Activist

    You look amaaaaazing. I love the socks with the booties. Perfect way to stay warm :)
    And thank God for Phillip Lim’s ability to make incred pants.

    style activist

  3. Sylvia

    what a beautiful view! i’m envious….

    i love the trousers. especially, the theory pants! Again, with my booty I find it harder to pull off a great trouser but these look fantastic. I need to go shop and keep trying them on til I find my pair!

    ugh… still thinking of the view… still jealous. haha

  4. Carly

    I love how you tucked the “non skinny” pant into the boot…I am never sure if that looks right? I am going to give it a whirl, it looks so great on you!

  5. Alanna

    Oh wow!! I love those army green high-waisted ones. I really like you in that Theory slacks outfit you put together. And hehe, I live just opposite that bridge in Brooklyn Heights. You’ll have to make your way over here sometime soon!

    Be well and enjoy the weekend!

  6. Casey

    Even though I’m usually a skirt kinda gal, I’m really loving how you’ve put together both these outfits. I, for one, rather like the slightly wrinkly look of the cotton slacks–it gives the outfit a bit of texture. But maybe that is just me (I am a bit of a oddball in that I don’t mind things wrinkling a bit! ;).

    ♥ Casey | blog

  7. Ginta

    I love Philip Lim’s pants so much! It’s perfect color & cut!
    And maybe it’s not the clearest view but still very beautiful! ;)

  8. Hannah (Oh, Aesthetics!)

    What a fantastic view! I love how you’ve tucked a less-than-skinny pant into boots, I really feel it adds a chic but relaxed spin to a timeless look. I am LOVING the olive pants on you, gorgeous! ♥

  9. Fashion Limbo

    ohh gotta love NY…. ALicia Keys’ Empire State Of Mind in my head right now…

    Love how those trousers look on you. I’m having so much trouble with trousers right now: I find nothing that looks half decent…it’s either harem pants or skinny ones, so frustrating.

  10. dreamsequins

    AHHHH! I’m so happy you’re settled! Pants are the way to go– I love them on you! (That was the stupidest comment ever- sorry long week)… Love your view!

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