Women At Work: Vintage Belt and Charley5.0 Jeans

Working at home can get to to you. I’ve been working at home for a few years, had a stint renting a desk from my previous employer, but other than that I’ve been working at home. It’s great to work in my pajamas, but given the opportunity, that will be all I’ll wear for weeks, pajamas and clothes that might as well be pajamas. Seriously, I’ve done that. Getting out of the house shouldn’t be a decision.

I recently found an affordable shared work space near my new apartment it’s been great for getting dressed properly in the morning and out of the house by 9am. I’m still dressing in relatively comfortable clothes (have I forsaken getting dressed up?) But it’s great to get out and breath the cold fresh air, and walk around the city. It’s really great.

Yesterday, I was surprised and delighted when Greta from Greta Guide appeared yesterday. Horray! New York is feeling more like home.

Now I have an office gal pal, and someone to help take my outfit photos (I would have worn something better if I had a full length mirror in the apartment… definitely on today’s to-do list.) Things are looking a good… why didn’t I do this before?

Wearing: Blazer: FillipaK • Cashmere Sweater: J.Crew • Belt: Vintage • Boots: Jeffrey Campbell • 3-way zip jeans courtesy of Charley5.0

Top photo by Greta Eagan

jennineWomen At Work: Vintage Belt and Charley5.0 Jeans