Le Thigh : Does Fashion Exposure Therapy Work?

Have you ever wanted to try a look but were too afraid?

Last week I played with long skirts mentioning that my relationship with my thighs had a lot to do with it. Well, it got me to think (yeah, shocker, right?) why the shame about my upper leg? Well, today, in a PTSD  type exposure therapy I decided to go whole hog on the  challenge and wear an outfit that, well, exposes my thighs. Specifically. This season, there has been quite a few lookbooks highlighting the dreaded body part in the most darling of ways, from the edgy Alexander Wang, to the preppy J.Crew it’s there. I figured how bad could it be?

Well, today I gave it a try…

This is what I had the idea to wear.. I liked the idea of having a sliver of skin showing. The weather is unseasonably warm for late October, so I couldn’t wear a jacket. The lace top was pretty, but I felt exposed, and the socks kept falling down.

See? They didn’t stay up half way through the shoot.


To cover myself up, I threw on a chambray shirt. This is what I’m wearing as I’m typing this… I’ve been wearing this all around, to my new office, to go meet Midtown Girl and Ciao, Chessa! for lunch, and I have to wear it tonight to a few events (you’ll hear about later).

The socks generally hang out above the knee, which is good… gotta cover the knees.

To be honest, I still feel exposed. Even though I’m not wearing Lucite heels, I feel kinda like a stripper. What is that? Strippers don’t wear baggy shirts! Who knew those feelings would come up. But was the exposure therapy worth it? Absolutely. This look has been hanging out in my mind for several months and I’ve been wanting to try it. Now I have. And my reasons for not trying it before are exactly why I’m not trying it again, and that’s still because I hate my thighs.

If I had the chance to to do it again, would I?

In a heartbeat.

It’s better to try than to wish I had the guts.

Wearing: Chambray Shirt: H&M • Lace Top: Joie • Necklace: Heirloom • Socks: Anne Klein • Boots: Courtesy of Talbots • Shorts: Courtesy of Juicy Couture

Top images via style.com and jcrew.com

jennineLe Thigh : Does Fashion Exposure Therapy Work?