Le Thigh : Does Fashion Exposure Therapy Work?

Have you ever wanted to try a look but were too afraid?

Last week I played with long skirts mentioning that my relationship with my thighs had a lot to do with it. Well, it got me to think (yeah, shocker, right?) why the shame about my upper leg? Well, today, in a PTSD  type exposure therapy I decided to go whole hog on the  challenge and wear an outfit that, well, exposes my thighs. Specifically. This season, there has been quite a few lookbooks highlighting the dreaded body part in the most darling of ways, from the edgy Alexander Wang, to the preppy J.Crew it’s there. I figured how bad could it be?

Well, today I gave it a try…

This is what I had the idea to wear.. I liked the idea of having a sliver of skin showing. The weather is unseasonably warm for late October, so I couldn’t wear a jacket. The lace top was pretty, but I felt exposed, and the socks kept falling down.

See? They didn’t stay up half way through the shoot.


To cover myself up, I threw on a chambray shirt. This is what I’m wearing as I’m typing this… I’ve been wearing this all around, to my new office, to go meet Midtown Girl and Ciao, Chessa! for lunch, and I have to wear it tonight to a few events (you’ll hear about later).

The socks generally hang out above the knee, which is good… gotta cover the knees.

To be honest, I still feel exposed. Even though I’m not wearing Lucite heels, I feel kinda like a stripper. What is that? Strippers don’t wear baggy shirts! Who knew those feelings would come up. But was the exposure therapy worth it? Absolutely. This look has been hanging out in my mind for several months and I’ve been wanting to try it. Now I have. And my reasons for not trying it before are exactly why I’m not trying it again, and that’s still because I hate my thighs.

If I had the chance to to do it again, would I?

In a heartbeat.

It’s better to try than to wish I had the guts.

Wearing: Chambray Shirt: H&M • Lace Top: Joie • Necklace: Heirloom • Socks: Anne Klein • Boots: Courtesy of Talbots • Shorts: Courtesy of Juicy Couture

Top images via style.com and jcrew.com

jennineLe Thigh : Does Fashion Exposure Therapy Work?

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  1. Penny Dreadful Vintage

    I love the little slit of thigh, it is quite elegant really. I hope this isn’t rude, but I think perhaps with a brogue or similarly flat shoe it might be better? Just because you have four horizontal strips running across your legs (shorta, thigh, socks, boots) and I think it shortens them a little. If you just had the socks it would create a bit more length. But keep the sassy little thigh strip, it is good! (and apologies if I am being rude and bossy;) x

    1. Post

      no worries! i wasn’t really in love with this look, but thought to share some of the outfits i’m not comfortable with as well as the ones i love. :)

  2. Moira

    That’s the beauty of this fashion blogging world! You get to try out, experiment, get things right, sometimes make mistakes, but you share your experience and also serve as inspiration to others with the same doubts.
    And by the way, I loved the look ;)
    Have a lovely Friday!

    1. Post

      thanks you’re really nice!
      but yeah, it’s all about trying things out, you never know what you’d like… that’s what i thought about jeggings. now i love them. love them.

  3. rachel

    i love that you tried this. i’m very tall and have long legs, but i still get nervous that when i go for looks like this, people will think i’m a 31 year old that is trying to look like a hooker school girl. anyway, yesterday i did the same (odd!): wore over the knee grey socks, a short purple skirt, and boots. got loads of compliments and i’ll defiantly do it again. in fact, i should put that on my blog…i think it helps to see other fabulous women trying new looks to get the rest of us to cough up some courage! looks great on you!

    1. Post

      haha, that’s exactly what i thought…except 35.. and i’m short!
      but i’d like to see how you did it!

      1. rachel

        i posted a very blurry pic on my blog the other day about how i wore them.
        thinking i need to buy the garters…not sure i could rock them like you, but they are just so damn cute!

    1. Post
  4. Sylvia

    this look is really cute, jennine! I applaud you for trying it. I know it’s never easy to push yourself out of a comfort zone. I’m a total pear shape but i love the harem trousers everyone is wearing now. I tried to pull them off and bought a pair at zara but could only wear them in my house until I decided they just weren’t for me and returned them. the apartment therapy helped but sometimes, if it’s not for you and you can’t step out into the world feeling fierce and fabulous then its just not a trend for you.

    either way, i think you still looked very cute! i adore that joie lace top! :)

    1. Post

      Yeah, I know what you mean, I’m the opposite of pear shaped, and baby-doll dresses? I just look pregnant. It’s not a good look, unless I’m actually pregnant (which I’m not)… some trends it’s just not good to try, but if you love it, it’s always good to give it a go just once!

    1. Post
  5. Leslie

    Might just have to find me some thigh-highs and tweed shorts this weekend! Looks great; I appreciate you taking a chance and encouraging me to do the same.

    1. Post
  6. DWJ

    I’ve seen this look and already know my thick thighs would be bulging out of the top. I won’t be doing a test drive of this look at all, LOL, but I’m glad you were brave. Fashion is about taking risks!

  7. Dawn

    I love the look but it is not for me. There comes a point when even slithers of flesh are not a good idea.

    I remember reading somewhere that you can basically age women by their knees!

    Do like the contrast of the chambray shirt and the lace top.

  8. FarmGirl Fashionista

    You look fabulous! And it’s fabulous of you for going out of your comfort zone! I tried the tights with shorts and flat knee boots (been obsessing over this look since Ferris Buehlers Day off…watch for my post!) this week…I live in the middle of Amish country…so way out of most people’s comfort zone! lol I also just purchased over-the-knee boots and worried that I may look like a street-walker…but fashion is suppose to be fun and a bit risky, right?! Thanks for being brave….and sharing it!!


    1. Post
    1. Post
  9. Fenke

    after seeing overknees all over the place lately, i also thought i might give them another try (last time i wore them was in the nineties.) luckily i still had a pair in my cupboard to try it first before buying new ones. and then i remembered, why i stopped wearing them – not because i did not like the look anymore…
    so, this is off my list :-)
    on another note: how is new york working out for you?

  10. Elizabeth/enc

    I like it, and you look great! I’ve always loved that extra-long sock look. My French colorist who’s in her 50s does this extra-long sock thing all the time, and somehow, she makes it make sense. I’ve always wanted to try it, and after seeing you do it, I really am tempted.

    The stripper feelings are confusing, I’ll grant you, but there’s no way in the world you look like one. No way in the world.

    1. Post
  11. Kamicha

    I have found the just-over-the-knee length easiest to wear and I especially like tall boots with OTK sock peeking underneath – but often over a skinny jean or legging of some sort. I haven’t yet met a pair that would actually hold up on bare skin. And it is too cold here anyway, most of the year…

    1. Post

      you know that’s what i was imagining… but thanks for the tip with the jeans or leggings…becuase the socks didn’t stay up on their own!

  12. Elisabeth

    I think it’s great that you stepped out of your comfort zone. You look fabulous and have inspired me to give knee-high socks a try . Every week I try to wear something that oversteps my boundaries and I always learn something. Thanks for sharing your experiment!

  13. Josie

    I love over the knee socks and have worn them but I always feel I look cheap whatever I’m wearing. Annoying as I like the look.

  14. Stylepint

    I’ve been considering the over the knee look for some time and yet I still can’t figure out how to keep the socks up without squishing my legs like sausages. It’s great that you tried something new and figure out what works and what doesn’t. You can’t discover something if haven’t tried it.

  15. Swan

    Luckily, I am being so blatant here, I make thigh-high garters that would alleviate this halfway through the shoot falling down thing :)

  16. Casey

    Wow! I love that you had the gumption to try this runway/editorial look in a daily outfit! I think you look fantastic–and did a great job of making this look appropriate for streetwear. I think the flat boots and loose shirt help make it less “stripperish” (which is always my issue with trying looks like this! Don’t feel like being harassed on the street. haha.) and more sweet. Bravo!

    ♥ Casey | blog

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  18. Eboni Ife'

    Hehe! So funny! I tried thigh-high socks last week too after binge buying THREE pairs from Target. Let’s just say I have no idea how I’m going to wear them again. I just haven’t figured out how to make them work and quite frankly my thighs are just a tad bit bigger than the models (just a tad) who wear them so effortlessly on the runways. they look chic… I look… ummmm… good question.

    Anyway, off me and on to you. I actually think you look very, very, very cute! I love them with the flat boots and tailored shorts. Very sweet looking. I also like the addition of the chambray shirt.

  19. Miss Neira

    I agree! I soo want to try this look but im nervous!! for some reason it makes me nervous to just expose a little thigh than most of it! (crazy right?) but you pulled it off great! you look adorable!

    Miss Neira

  20. Closet Cravings

    I love thigh high socks. It’s kind of weird how socks can seem sexy, but thigh highs definitely are sexy. There are definitely some looks I’m “afraid” to try. I think it depends on “who” you are with. Some people embrace fashion – others don’t. I could see myself trying something, and then someone looking at me like I’m nuts. =)

  21. vanessa

    I love the idea of this look. But, I too have a thigh issue. I don’t wear shorts, short dresses, or short skirts. The only other idea I have is using fashion tape to keep the socks up, or buying higher quality socks. At least you can use the socks for under your boots.

    My Heart Blogged

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