Tory Burch Boots and Jeggings: Is It Fall Yet?

This has always been a confusing time for me. The transitional months, September/October – March/April have always pushed and pulled the cold and hot. I’m always anxious for both Spring and Fall when they come. I usually start getting antsy for Fall around August, but this year, it’s been delayed a bit. Blame it on the brutally chilly Summer we experienced here in San Francisco. I relished whatever warm days came my way, even if I had to go to New York to get them!

After looking around, I’ve noticed there are a lot of plaid capes, well, capes in general this season. Lucky for me, my grandmother had given me her yellow plaid cape before she moved out to Hawaii. It’s probably the best for these days, as it screams Fall, but isn’t too heavy for days like today.

Here is another pair of zip jeggings from Charley 5.0. Since starting eat, sleep, denim it’s hard not to wear denim. Especially since now I know my size and what styles work best for me. Jeans have become a staple in my fashion diet. These particular jeggings are great because of the three zips on each side. I usually end up fiddling with them, but hey. It’s a fun detail!

Boots for Fall

When I was in New York, the people at Tory Burch invited me over for a lunch to get to know them. Along with lunch they gave a group of us bloggers a gift. For me, it was the Shannon Boot. I felt bad for not getting a more trendy boot. But to tell the truth, I was in desperate need of a classic black boot, and these fit the bill. You can’t go wrong with classics!I was nervous about getting a boot with a 4.5″ heel. But walking around in them in the shop, the heel seemed sturdy and well-balanced. I’m finding that most of the difficulty in wearing high heels is not the height so much as the balance. No one likes a wobbly girl! I’ve actually worn these around a few times, and given them a hill test, and walked about a mile in NYC, including going through the subway without even a hint of discomfort. (Wendy and Stacy Lomman can attest, I did walk some distances in these with great ease). Making these the perfect Fall boot.

Here are some of the other boots at Tory Burch:

Wearing: Vintage Cape from my Grandma • Merino Sweater: JCrew • Glasses: Prada • Valeria Necklace : courtesy of Norwegian Wood • Zip Jeggings : courtesy of Charley 5.0 • Boots : courtesy of Tory Burch.

jennineTory Burch Boots and Jeggings: Is It Fall Yet?