MAC Lipstick: So Chaud, I Bought It Twice.

Every now and then I find a lipstick I can’t live without. Most the time, I like a lipstick, then I lose it, and as soon as it’s lost it’s gone from my mind too. I’ll go back to replenish my lipsticks and pick new colors. This summer, I bought So Chaud by MAC, this particular shade of orange is heavy on the red tones, but it’s not quite red, more causal and playful. I had seen orange lipstick around, and thought to give it a try. Runway lips are hard for me, black lipstick anyone? Not for me. Orange on the other hand could work, I look good in orange. It’s one of those colors that people overlook, we don’t see many orange clothes, yet it’s so pretty.

About a week after I bought So Chaud, it disappeared. Maybe it’s in some handbag, jacket, suitcase, maybe it’s in a shoe somewhere. I don’t know, it’s gone. It should have left my mind like all the other lipsticks lost. But no, I kept reaching for it like some kind of phantom hand, only it was a phantom lipstick. So finally, after about a month, of not having it, I picked up another tube. Maybe now, the first one will reappear. Isn’t that how it always works?

jennineMAC Lipstick: So Chaud, I Bought It Twice.