How To Be a Princess + Fashion For a Cause

Actually, I do like Mondays. There always seems to be a bit of hope in the week that day. I also like the I Don’t Like Mondays online shop especially since they now have their gallery. A special space for one of a kind, fashion/art pieces, it’s a wonderful bridge between fashion and art? Now who says fashion isn’t an intellectual discipline?

This Monday, June 28, the IDLM Gallery will be showcasing 2 one-of-a-kind and 2 ultra-limited edition pieces Littledoe headpieces by artist Chase Cohl. 50% of the sales will go to Designers Against AIDS. It’s times like this when I wish I had the chutzpah to wear a headpiece in my daily life (because you know, I’m usually glued to the computer, so much for glam!).  Feather crowns and head jewelry with natural stones, will bring out your inner, or not so inner woodland princess. Now that would be a never ending story.

jennineHow To Be a Princess + Fashion For a Cause

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  1. Nickie Frye

    That beaded headpiece is amazing. Ever since I saw Madonna wearing one of those things I’ve been meaning to make one. You can see how motivated I am, since I still haven’t actually made one & I have all the supplies on hand. Anyway, these are all fabulous pieces & I love things that benefit a good cause.

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  2. laura

    If you look at the littledoe look book, a few pages are pretty troubling. This trend of appropriating native dress in fashion just needs to stop. What I’m referring to is these generalized, stereotypical “Indian” headdresses whose white wearers completely ignore generations of U.S. colonization and genocide that continues today. It’s been pretty well documented in a lot of blogs–here are a few examples. If you find yourself liking these pieces, you really should check out these pages. Frankly I’m surprised no one else has posted anything on this topic.

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      i don’t know.. i actually am native american (my mother is squaxin island indian http://www.squaxinisland.org/) and i am not offended by these. people wear clothing with all kinds of visual cues, it’s the world we live in today. should we not wear african inspired clothing, or be inspired by the middle east which we are bombing by the day?

      1. laura

        Just because one person of an ethnic group isn’t offended doesn’t mean that others aren’t. Dressing with elements of another culture isn’t automatically offensive, but dressing white girls up in stereotypical “Injun” garb and ‘war paint’ is. It’s a caricature.
        Also, things like “African-inspired” means what exactly? What part of Africa?

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  3. liz

    the last one is kind of to die for, so pretty. The first one is more wearable and still so dramatic. Love this

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