The Coveted Image in Sunday Times Style

Last month, a story ran “How to be Free” about getting back to nature ran in The Sunday Times Style magazine using an illustration from the, lovely Carol Del Angel, who had used a few of my images as inspiration (with my permission of course!). In this particular illustration she used my image dedicating my love for this Random Ruffle, I didn’t know what else to do with but throw it on like a scarf, was brought to life again in this wild drawing.

I type this as it’s Sunday, nearly a month later, and I’m sitting here at my window looking at the crystal blue skies.. working on my blogs. Spring/summer fever? Perhaps. Perhaps so, I’m also aching to get out and relish in the joys of real life.

Speaking of changes in mood, and the article is just one page after the ‘Enough with the cupcakes, already.’ story, it’s a good read even if you do love cupcakes. Though I have to say, I threw away two cupcakes recently because they weren’t as good as Magnolia cupcakes. Sad, but they just didn’t seem to be worth the calories. I’m so fickle.

Ooh, this makes me miss my old bangs. Hmmm… getting a hair cut soon.

jennineThe Coveted Image in Sunday Times Style