Temperley Floral Dress

Thank goodness for second-hand shops. Really. They really make a girl’s dreams of having excellent quality clothing possible. Take for instance, this Temperley silk floral dress I picked up at Cris this weekend. For those of you who know Temperley, getting a silk dress new, is no small feat if you have a modest income. I’ve been looking for floral dresses this spring, loving all the Liberty inspiration that’s circulating around. H&M’s garden collection had a lot of curb appeal, but the pieces I inspected were falling apart on the rack. JCrew had some beautiful prints, gorgeous pencil skirts and cardigans, but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend $110 on a cotton skirt everyone would know where it came from (well, it’s ok if you know where it came from, I like you). Which is why I was so happy to find this silk Temperley dress for $145, especially since it has such nice detailing, even the lining is silk and beautifully sewn. It had been marked a size 10… but lucky for me, I knew that meant a UK size 10! My size! I couldn’t believe how well this dress fit, and how the pretty pattern captured my very mood. Not to mention, the color is perfect for summer…

I must be a second-hand designer junkie… these Ferragamo spectator flats were picked up at Crossroads for $30.

Abstracted floral pattern gives just the effect to keep people guessing. People guessed flowers, insects and monkeys. Really, monkeys.

Dress: Temperley London • Slip: Vintage • Shoes: Ferragamo • Necklace: Nordstrom Rack • Sunglasses: Target • Ring: Wendy Brandes

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