Marc by Marc Jacobs Floral Umbrella for Spring

March Springs, April Showers…April has been showering quite a lot in my neck of the woods, and weather reports say it’s not letting up any time soon. Even though temperatures rise, rain does come all year around in some places, like in Germany we had intense summer rains, with thunder and lightning. Sporting  black umbrella in the spring and summer months isn’t just show lack of imagination, it makes a depressing day even more drab.

Back in college, when I lived in London, I always had a Liberty Print umbrella. Man, I carried that thing around with me until it literally disintegrated. It had a beautiful red and white swan and cherry blossom pattern, I wore often with a red mac on rainy days. It got replaced by a etoile print  umbrella that broke a year ago, but I still jimmy the wires around to make it work. Luckily, thanks to Liberty prints hitting the mainstream, US retailers like J Crew and Marc by Marc Jacobs are selling beautiful floral print umbrellas to cheer us up on dreary days.

I picked up this umbrella yesterday, not meaning to, but passing by the Marc Jacobs shop on Maiden lane, there is a rack of umbrellas of all kinds of pretty prints for $18. I stood there for about 20 minutes trying to decide which one to pick, and  finally settled on this orange and pink one. Why orange and pink? I have nothing orange and pink! But the colors just dazzled me so. I haven’t found them online, but many cities have a Marc by Marc Jacobs shop, so hopefully you can stop in if one is near by you.

Another good reason to buy pretty umbrellas for the spring and summer months is for the sunny days. I’ve had a few days out and about in the sun, where it got to harsh and a pretty umbrella helps shield the sun, plus, it kind of makes me feel like a ‘lady.’

Umbrella: Marc by Marc Jacobs • Blouse: Vintage 1940′s • Skirt: Laundry by Shelly Segal • Tights: H&M • Shoes: Vintage 1960′s • Sunglasses: Target

jennineMarc by Marc Jacobs Floral Umbrella for Spring

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  2. roni

    I love the styles on the MJ umbrellas I just wish they were a little more tougher! It seems as if, as soon as the wind blows your umbrella is broken. \sad face.

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