Born Telly Snow Boots

This weekend, I broke down and bought a pair of snow boots. In all the years of my life, regular boots have always done me well for the winter months, but this year… and last year…squeezing my over-layered feet into a boot meant only for one, maybe two pairs of socks just doesn’t work. For those of you who live in milder climates, I understand what you’re thinking. ‘No way would I ever wear snow boots, unless they were cute. No way!’ Because that’s exactly what I was thinking! I was stupid not to stock up on winter gear in October and November, but I didn’t like any serious winter accessory, and now everything is sold out. Even Target is now out of hats, and fully stocked with bikinis!

I spent a good portion of the day looking for snow boots, trying them on, asking the sales people a lot of questions. You see a lot of people walking around in UGGs.. which to tell the truth, compared to some of the other boots, UGGs weren’t looking so bad, frustrating. The last place I looked, Nordstrom’s, had a decent selection of snow boots, I ended up liking the Børn Tellyboot mostly because I liked the toggle closure. Yesterday I took these out for a long walk, and they held up well and made a huge difference in spending time outside for the winter months because as much the cold can be painful, it’s more depressing to stay indoors all winter.
These boots are sold out on Nordstrom.com, but are available on Zappos.

Today’s outfit: Kensie Open Knit Cardigan • American Apparel leggings • Wool ski socks • Audrey Cantwell t-shirt dress • Vintage handbag.

PS. Keeping a happy face in 16°F weather was a challenge! Sorry about the serious look!

jennineBorn Telly Snow Boots

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  1. Denise @ Swelle

    I love the look of the layering and boots look great. They kind of remind me of an updated, much better looking Cougar boot! Remember those?? How those would have different meaning these days.

    I was in Edinburgh during the big snow here in the UK and walked into the Camper store just to browse. They had these really tall, lightly quilted top boots with a rubber ‘shoe’ and they were only £85 so I bought them (I expect anything I like to be much more than that as it usually is!). It was my best purchase of the season because little did I know how we’d get dumped on with the weather! They kept me warm and dry yet they’re light enough to wear on drizzly, damp days without feeling I’m over doing it. And they look good, too!

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  4. Kean

    Great looking boots there! Though its been a long time since this post has been commented, I happened to stumble upon this page in the search engines and thought I’d leave a comment.

    Winter boots indeed make a difference spending time outdoors. Hope they will continue to keep your feet warm this winter. Cheers.

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