Halloween In My Closet : Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Did you wait until the very, very, very last minute to decide to get dressed for Halloween? Great! I do that all the time. Whatever you do, don’t cut holes in your sheets and be a ghost, sheets are expensive! Well for some of you getting ready for Halloween right as we speak, I have the NEVER FAIL costume for you. Here is one that is just a spin off of my 60’s Housewife costume…all you need is a little black dress, pearls, sunglasses, a takeaway coffee cup and paper bag. Bonus points if you have opera gloves and a tiara. Here is the last minute segment of Halloween in My Closet Series

Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s

When I asked you what you wanted to see… Hoopy Chick suggested a 1960′s starlet, and where I could be a generic starlet, I decided to go with one of the few icons with my coloring (they all seem to be blond!!) Besides I was probably looking for another excuse to put my hair up in a beehive! Strangely enough, I have never ever done an Audrey costume, and I resisted watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s until about five years ago. Am I the only person who thinks Holly Golightly is massively desperate and sad? Actually, that makes me love the movie even more. If it were just a soppy movie with a beautiful Audrey, I would probably hate the movie. Kind of like how I love Martha Stewart ever since she went to prison (and I’m just waiting for her to come out of the closet…then she’ll be my hero!)

However, before I digress into a whole slew of things that are supposed to be merely fluff but have secret dark side to them… the Audrey costume is probably one of those which you can pull off without much effort. I must be feeling the paper bags here, because it’s the second time it’s appeared as a prop, only there’s no croissant in it…

bat2If you’re still looking for costumes, don’t try to put something together at the costume shop… I have a bunch of costumes you can do with things you probably already own!

Holly Golightly, Beetlejuice, Wholesome Schoolgirl, Sailor, Can-Can Girl, Circus Ringleader, 60’s Housewife, Natasha from Bullwinkle & Friends, Cat Lady, Superhero and a Retro Flight Attendant.

jennineHalloween In My Closet : Breakfast at Tiffany’s