A red beret to the Dress Up Soirée

I wore this little beret to the Dress Up Soiréeeveryone told me not to forget it, but after the party, a group of us went to a little bar around the corner, and what did I do? Forget my beret. Luckily Pamela of Market Publique who also gave me this hat… picked it up and mailed it to my home. She’s so good to me. I love berets they’re the most darling form of hat. Yeah, yeah, there might be others, but my heart belongs to the beret family.

I’m starting to realize that Chicago’s ‘Windy City’ isn’t a proverbial name like ‘London Fog’ the wind… is real.. I’m starting to pull more and more items out of my winter box… one of them being a vintage wool skirt I picked up last year at the Frankfurt flea market. I didn’t wear it much last year because I thought it was too long, but Susie Bubble has been inspiring me to dabble back in the longer skirt length. This skirt is make of perfect wool pleats and a nice lining. In order to keep it from looking too matronly, I’ve stolen Rocky’s eagle belt, and wore it over my SPUN boat neck top (which I’m living in), and my denim vest.


jennineA red beret to the Dress Up Soirée