What’s your thrifting strategy?

32258355Thrifting is not like riding a bike. You can forget how to do it. It’s more like running. If you run regularly, it’s great, you get faster, stronger, more in shape…but if you don’t do it for a long time you get out of shape. Great thrifters are ones who go obsessively, they have ‘the eye’, strategies, they can see things in clothes the rest of us mortals cannot, they’re well practiced. I know this because I hadn’t been thrifting in quite a while… they have flea markets in Germany, but not thrift stores like they do in the US, where you can get a blazer for about $4 and a dress for $3. On Friday, I went to a thrift store I heard about and checked it out. Maybe I was rusty, but it was super hard to find anything.. for some reason I have it in my mind that thrift stores have vintage gems, which in reality, that only happened in vintage times. Nowadays thrifting is more about finding secondhand, discarded clothes to love. I did find some amazing items, not really wearable, but certainly put a smile on my face, like these Y2K pumps I yammered on about all weekend, and a sequin American Flag clutch…ah, whimsy!

I piled a whole bunch of things in my cart, a red blazer, tartan culottes, a French blue men’s shirt, some gold thing, a boys’s blue blazer with gold buttons,  a blue Forever21 dress, and a chain belt…  yet only ended up buying three things. In total cost $10 for a belt, dress and blazer… the final edit was a bit more classic than anticipated, I went in wanting bolder colors, but ended up going with the blues. Not bad for my first attempt back at thrifting, it certainly felt good to go back to a form of shopping which I really love.

Here I’m wearing: Thrifted boy’s blazer, thrifted F21 dress, thrifted quilted white bag (not from this trip), navy blue tights from flea market, spectator pumps, jewelry: necklaces from mom & grandma and cuff via Market Publique.

What’s your thrifting strategy?

jennineWhat’s your thrifting strategy?