Zippers off the cuff and on the collar…

It’s amazing what people these days are doing with zippers… while I’ve been following Susie Bubble’s zipper necklace, by the lovely Outsapop Trashion’s… it came as such a delight that Style Hurricane opened her own Etsy Hurricane Boutique with affordable zipper jewelry. The cuff I got ended up being a little too big to be worn on my wrist, so I push it up a little, or pin it to a shirt collar to add a little detailing to an otherwise plain outfit.

I’ve managed to wear this cuff in some way pretty much every day since I got it… it goes perfectly with my cuff from Market Publique.

jennineZippers off the cuff and on the collar…

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  1. Claire

    Every time I see zippers I feel sick about the Helen Storey curved zippered things I had, which I THREW AWAY years ago and now keep seeing people wearing on streetstyle blogs. I also feel old – like my old clothes could be considered vintage to a 20 year old? Ha, I’ll get over it and just admire your neckpiece for now… x

  2. Post

    oh my goodness thank you all so much for the lovely comments!
    ❤ hannah and elizabeth…they are just as nice in real life, for sure!
    ❤ hayley, i wouln’t know where to begin with the zipper jewelry…
    ❤ anni…oh no worries, i have abnormally small wrists, most cuffs are too big.
    ❤ claire…aaah man! i hate it when that happens! i really do.
    ❤ foley, i hadnt’ event used it as a hat…that’s coming up…

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