Egyptian Jinx… Diane Von Furstenberg SS10

Egyptian Jinx… buy me a Diet Coke! Egypt, Egypt… get your plane tickets, and don’t forget your sunblock. Dianne Von Furstenberg took the Egyptian motif and gave it a more holiday twist….did designers get a mailed brief for this season’s theme? or is it like one of those things when you start coming to work and you’re unintentionally wearing the same colors as your coworkers. Or you accidentally get the same Christmas present for your mom that your sister did.

If I watched Indiana Jones movies more often, I might think there was some kind of conspiracy going on here… but I’m just going to stick my head in the sand, and look at the pretty rich desert colors,  hints of safari and Julius Caesar wreaths….

Oh! Annnd… I sighted a lady wearing the subway dress by Christian Francis Roth.

jennineEgyptian Jinx… Diane Von Furstenberg SS10