Backstage at the Academy of Art Show

I’ll always root for San Francisco… especially since SF-based Academy of Art takes their fashion graduates all the way to NYFW. That’s amazing, a big jump really, I mean, I love SF with all my heart, but it’s a surprisingly small town compared to New York, really! Since it was my first ‘backstage’ experience, I heard people saying that everything was really calm back there, I was walking around snapping pics chatting, thinking, “Holy moly, these recent grads must be taking loads of Xanax, because I am freaking out more than they are!” Then again, I seem to always freak out.




Oh… and I tried to get some good photos, but from the second row (Danny and I are sneaky)… it was just too tough. BUT I did catch photographer Bill Cunningham, who’s been photographing people on the street since WWII


jennineBackstage at the Academy of Art Show