Mahtab Azimi’s Little Black Dress

Everyone needs a comfy little black dress in their wardrobe arsenal. This much I know… and I have quite a few in my closet too! Yet, like black shoes, there never seems to be enough.. like there never seems to be enough days when everything happens effortlessly. Well, for me anyway.

When Mathab Azimi, sent me this lovely sheered tunic dress for a review, I just couldn’t be happier. The Micah dress is made with a poly-rayon blend which has kind of a jersey feel, only softer and with more movement.

The Pros: For $69.95 this dress is really well made. The dress is very adjustable, with a tie belt and even the sleeves are customizable with ties, and can easily be worn with bows showing in the front or back. The length of the dress will adjust according to how much you pull up the top, and you can make it shorter in front, longer in back, mini or knee length. I really liked the gathering which gives a nice Grecian effect.
The Cons: The only real gripe I have is that it’s dry clean only. If I had to pick something else, would be the flipside of adjustablity also means that sometimes you need to adjust the dress during the day, but not much.. though I wore the dress  a few days, and the adjusting was pretty minimal.

All in all.. it’s a great dress, and done by an independent designer, the price is more than reasonable. I definitely would recommend it! (and it’s also available on Smashing  Darling)

jennineMahtab Azimi’s Little Black Dress

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  1. Mandarine

    I love the idea of an adjustable dress but I’m usually turned off by adjustable clothing because I tend to fuss with it too much or worry that the way I’ve chosen to wear it isn’t the most flattering. This looks pretty easy to wear though.
    Also, I am sure you could wash it by hand. In fact it will probably last a lot longer if you do. Most of the chemicals dry cleaners use are harsher on clothing than washing by hand. I’m a huge believer in washing as many “dry clean only” pieces by hand as possible, the exceptions are wool coats.

  2. Post

    ❤ susii! we miss you!
    ❤ sweety… thank you so much, it is a nice dress!
    ❤ dottie… oh there are so many sites to see here!
    ❤ crosby..ah! yeah, i couldnt’ resist them either!
    ❤ kirsty..thank you my dear!
    ❤ madeline…oh yes, i go through the same thing with adjustable clothing..and most of my dry cleaning ends up in the sink being handwashed because i really couldn’t be bothered…
    ❤ clare..hahah well this is only the begining!
    ❤ wendy.. thanks love!

  3. K-Line

    You look better with each photo shoot – and you were great to begin with! My daughter got legwarmers this weekend – she wanted white ones ?! They are quite cute on her.
    .-= K-Line´s last blog ..Indian Summer =-.

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  5. deryik

    mahtab means fullmoon. isn’t it just a great name? and somehow, your necklace resembles fullmoon. yes, i love seeing such coincidences and even making up some if there is none :)
    .-= deryik´s last blog ..sıradan =-.

  6. grechen

    i love that on you! and i agree with what mandarine said – i actually hand wash (well, wash on delicate in the washing machine) most of my dry clean clothes – all of my inhabit cotton & cashmere, plus a wool jersey daryl k dress. as long as you lay it out to dry well, and don’t accidently put it in the dryer, it should be fine.

  7. Post

    ❤alexandra…oh yes…
    ❤kline..oh thank you! your daughter is the cutest ever!
    ❤michelle..oh i live here!
    ❤lady smaggle…oh my…i’ve been wondering where you been! glad to see yoU!
    ❤deryik…that is a coincidence! i love it!
    ❤grechen… good pointers… seriously, i hate dry cleaning. altough it is glamourous. in some way.

  8. Breanna Hite

    I’ve just discovered your blog and I’m loving it. You take such great pictures!

    I love the sleeves on this dress, and I like the idea of it being adjustable.

  9. Sheena

    I’m loving that dress and it’s for the right price as well. I’m not crazy about the dry clean only, either, but I’d probably put it on the handwash cycle of my washing machine and pray for the best. Love the city backdrop! Especially the one by the fountain. :)
    .-= Sheena´s last blog ..Fall 09 Wardrobe Update =-.

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