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Well, we made it to Chicago all in one piece. I actually never thought I’d be living here, but day two into the Chicago experience, and the city is really lovely. For some reason though, I imagined that it would be more compact, but it’s actually very spread out, and after one day of walking around, I declared I needed a bike. So last night I picked up a vintage 1967 Varsity Schwinn. To tell the truth, it needs a lot of work, but I just fell in love with it, the speedometer, the old decals, the typography, the glittery handles, the self-powered headlamp. My, the list can go on.
Here I’m wearing some bike-friendly attire… the linen pleated pants and motorcycle jacket are from Charlotte Russe, they had sent me a gift card, and well, I’ll talk more about this soon. But I just love the bow belt and the lovely pleats. It goes perfect with my silk Theory blouse and my standby brown brogues, which will pretty much be worn until they disintegrate.

jennineNew Bike New City

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  1. Christina

    Holla! Welcome to Chicago!
    This city is fabulous, but you may want to also invest in some fabulous/waterproof/saltproof winter boots. If you can find a pair, do share the love (I’ve been looking for one…forever)!
    PS. Please be a safe biker and wear a helmet. When I drive I cringe at the thought of what may happen to the poor bikers if cars hit them. :)

  2. Alicia

    Love this outfit!!! Congrats on the move and keep warm!!!

    You and Molly Cake should meet up since you’re in the same city now!
    .-= Alicia´s last blog ..WHAM! =-.

  3. alexandra keller

    you are brave – i never had the nerve to ride a bike in the streets of Chicago – please be careful!!!
    there are lots of great vintage stores all over – and great food!
    .-= alexandra keller´s last blog ..necklaces =-.

  4. Post

    oh my goodness… i want to say thank you to everyone… i’m sorry i haven’t been so active online, but thank you….

  5. Nubiasnonsense

    Your outfit is very cute! Charlotte Russe is great, They always have nice rompers as well.I’ve been wanting to ride my bike but I get to paranoid in the city. =( too much crazy cars

  6. Sheena

    Welcome to Chicago! That bike looks great and so perfect. Please be careful riding because it can get a little crazy, but enjoy exploring the city :)

  7. Sophia

    Love your new ride (and your outfit of course as well)! I’m actually moving to Chicago this Fall and searching for a vintage bicycle for once I get there–would you mind spilling where you got yours? I know I can always scour Craig’s List, but there are also what seem to be a couple awesome used bike shops too.

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