New Bike New City

Well, we made it to Chicago all in one piece. I actually never thought I’d be living here, but day two into the Chicago experience, and the city is really lovely. For some reason though, I imagined that it would be more compact, but it’s actually very spread out, and after one day of walking around, I declared I needed a bike. So last night I picked up a vintage 1967 Varsity Schwinn. To tell the truth, it needs a lot of work, but I just fell in love with it, the speedometer, the old decals, the typography, the glittery handles, the self-powered headlamp. My, the list can go on.
Here I’m wearing some bike-friendly attire… the linen pleated pants and motorcycle jacket are from Charlotte Russe, they had sent me a gift card, and well, I’ll talk more about this soon. But I just love the bow belt and the lovely pleats. It goes perfect with my silk Theory blouse and my standby brown brogues, which will pretty much be worn until they disintegrate.

jennineNew Bike New City