My Head Revisited

Well, my dears… everything is packed up, the movers are coming today… the office is cleaned out. The tickets bought. On Wednesday, Rocky and I are moving to Chicago… and while I’ll miss it here in Germany, I’m happy to be going back to a city, it’s been quite difficult maintaining a blog about fashion in a small village outside of Frankfurt. So, with changes, I’ve been revisiting my life, in packing up my belongings I’ve unearthed some hidden treasures, and let go of some things that have just taken up space.

What I’m Wearing

This dress I got at H&M a few years back, and I probably wear it once, or twice a year I don’t know why I wear it more…but since yesterday’s post about 20′s inspired fashion and minipleats, and the summery weather out, it seemed like the perfect thing to wear.

What I’m doing when I’m not online…

I haven’t drawn anything in 15 years. Seriously, it’s been that long. When I was in high school, I dreamed of being an artist, but I was really insecure about my work, because I thought I ‘couldn’t draw’. In my first attempt at college I had a bitchy teacher and, well,  took things personally, when really, it wasn’t personal at all, and I decided to do something else. Lately, I’ve been wanting to do something with my hands, something completely analog, and something just for fun. So last night, I picked up a pencil, opened up a magazine (Zoo #23) and drew this. Yeah, it looks like something an 8th grader did… but what the hell… it was fun!

What I’m reading…

This book should really be titled ‘Children of the Corn’. Before I moved to Germany, I picked up The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan, but it never got read. I really love reading, especially since I’ve started blogging… I find that I read more now than at any other point in my life.

So far, half way through the book, Michael Pollan has immersed us in a world of genetically modified corn that’s basically in everything we eat.  When run through a mass spectrotmeter for traces of corn carbon,  a McDonald’s cheeseburger is made up of 52% corn carbon and there’s not a single visible kernel.

The book is really great, though it kind of leaves me feeling the same claustrophobia NOLOGO did, with the no escape from corporate globalization. But looking back at how hopeless things seemed in 2000, and today we have so many small businesses and handmade products available, thanks to the internet… I’m wondering if books like these will bring awareness and change to the way we eat.

What I’m eating…

What I’m going to miss… is walks in the forest, bike rides in the forest, the trees, the lake, the quiet. Right now, the blackberries are ripening, and the other day I just had to pick a handful on a whim. There is nothing like eating hand picked berries from the forest… it reminds me of childhood, when I would go out and play in the forest, eat blackberries and pretend I was a forest nymph.
What things in your life need to be revisited?

What’s stopping you? Do tell…

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