Jojo & Malou’s Banana Belts

What is it about the 1920′s that keeps drawing us back? Every time I think I’m done, someone comes up with something that pulls me right back in. It’s like the Godfather of aesthetics. Between Flappers and Bauhaus, I’ll be suck in the 20′s forever. While Josephine Baker has inspired us for generations, Jojo & Malou has brought her back in their AW09 collection. I might have been skeptical, but context is everything. A sequin banana belt might be cause for eye rolling, or ‘maybe I’ll save it for Mardi Gras’ but I just love the way they’ve paired it up with rich antique gold tone mini pleats,  playful prints and gorgeous hats. “unique garments perfect for dancing a 21st century Charleston into the early hours” now that’s something I’d like to give a try. The video they dubbed a moving lookbook, perfectly demonstrates just how the 21st century woman would do that.

jojo malou

jennineJojo & Malou’s Banana Belts