Shibori Love: Resistance is Beautiful


Handmade things are special. Homemade cookies, grandma’s knitted booties, haute couture… all things that bring special feelings and warm our hearts. Yes, I put couture and cookies in the same sentence… my idea of heaven! Even if it’s putting the finishing touches on something by hand to make it unique… like in the case of ShiboriLove,  a shop where you can get hand dyed legwear, scarves and girl’s tights. Cornell  graduate, Jessie Fair studied Fiber Science & Apparel Design, which comes out in her approach to utilizing unconventional techniques in dyeing.

‘The name ShiboriLove comes from the Japanese resist technique used to create our unique patterns. In this method, the cloth is manipulated through folding, pleating or bunching and then bound by stitching, tieing or clamping.  When the fabric is dyed the tightly bound areas resist the dye and are not colored.  When the binding materials are removed they reveal the intricate abstract patterns formed by the protected areas..’

The result is something planetary, animalistic, and artistic just to add a little something special to your outfit.

jennineShibori Love: Resistance is Beautiful

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    ❤ ashe… oh yeah, it does, but i don’t know if i’m advanced enough to do the resistance dye projects!
    ❤ dreamsequins…oh yes i agree.. it gets me every time!

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    ❤natanya… absolutely, the difference is the details!
    ❤skinnypurse, i love the way you look at it!
    ❤annie…i can totally see these on you!

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