Ferragamo and Gingham: The things I find in my closet….

vintage style
It’s amazing the things you find in your closet when it’s time to empty it out. I’ve been pulling things out of my closet this last week because we are moving soon. Yes, we are moving… back to the US. I can’t give specifics yet, but we are going to be leaving within the next few weeks. I know I’m going to miss Germany, but something tells me I won’t be away for long.

My closet… well, since I emptied it about a year and a half ago to move here from San Francisco, and whittled my wardrobe down to two suitcases, I’ve gotten one of these fears about parting with my clothes. Kind of like when you get a bad haircut and develop an aversion to the hair salon.  I miss my old clothes. So now I’m going to wear the clothes I never wear and see if they are really transcontinental move worthy. Here I’m wearing a few things I’ll never part with, a 1940′s handmade blouse in the perfect color for me, a nice rust. My favorite white Ferragamo belt (and continuing with the matchy-matchy theme) my white Jeffery Campbell 3 strap Mary Janes. The non-favorite and soon to be a new regular in my wardrobe line up (it’s the second time I wore these this week) is a pair of vintage stirrup gingham trousers. I didn’t utilize the stirrups and instead rolled them up as I felt it would be more summery. I love the way they fit so perfectly and I also love the exposed zippers. They came from the flea market last year… who knows why it’s taken so long for me to bring them out. Maybe they just landed in the back of the closet, just waiting to be rediscovered.

vintage style
vintage style
jeffrey campbell

jennineFerragamo and Gingham: The things I find in my closet….

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  1. Ashe Mischief

    You did it again! You’ve got that same indescribable something going on that you did with the black & white outfit… perhaps you just channel & interpret vintage styles in such a way it looks natural (whereas some people look a bit theatrical)…
    .-= Ashe Mischief´s last blog ..TiLT! A to Z Love Letter =-.

  2. amy

    I am dying over here! That blouse is too good. You look absolutely lovely again!
    .-= amy´s last blog .. =-.

  3. Casey

    I’m always shocked too about what I find hidden away in the recesses when I clean my closet out! I rediscovered quite a bit last year when I moved (and like you, managed to unload a lot; some of which I really regret!). In a way though, I think that moving/purging the closet is a good thing (as long as you don’t get rid of the gems!); I’ve been able to refocus my closet a bit more, and have been taking my time building it up with pieces that I love rather than just like. ;)

    Good luck on your big move!!! :)
    .-= Casey´s last blog ..inspiration week #89 =-.

  4. Post

    ❤ sweety, thank you my dear! :)
    ❤ poochie, thanks my dear.. it’s one of my favorites.
    ❤ hi mer! oh my i know it’s time for a hair cut when i start wearing it up all the time… so yes, a few weeks… really soon. yikes!
    ❤ ashe..heh, you’re so good to me! i’m glad you don’t think it looks too costumey, i think it’s mostly becuase of the gingham. ;)
    ❤retro…ha, well you put together some fantastic outfits i’m quite jealous of…ahem green dress…
    ❤thank you amy!

  5. Post

    ❤casey… oh my goodness, tell me about it! well you have so many great pieces, it’s hard to imagine you have anything missing.
    ❤stevie, oh you know, i will probably have someone make this again, it’ the perfect cut, unfortunately it’s kind of falling apart.

  6. Post

    ❤kline…thank you my dear!
    ❤sal, closet purges are both lovely and scary!
    ❤dreamsequins, a little white to remember it’s summer! :) yes, i’m excited, i hope i get to meet you in person!
    ❤carolyn…thank you! they are one of my favorite pairs…
    ❤ambika…wish me luck in making the right choices…
    ❤thanks laurakitty!

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  8. Sarah

    I really like the look, my favorite is the shoes. I would love to be once of those people who clear out their closets often so the only clothes that are in there are the ones i wear, although i hate parting with things i ‘might wear’. This has made me think about all my clothes and inspired me to go through everything and give things to charity I’m not going to use, although wear things too.

    Thank you for blogging, you are an inspiration and the day i stumbled on your site and kept coming back to it actually made me start my blog, which is growing and growing. Thank you <3
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..BACK ON TRACK!. Beautiful murano style lampwork heart pendants, how to rewind when working those long hours…and the beautiful sights of culture. =-.

  9. dapper kid

    Oh my, a ’40s outfit that works today – so stunning :) Loving your blouse, and the shape of those trousers looks fantastic. Yay for moving, sounds exciting. And my wardrobe actually intentionally has fewer clothes than I would like, I hate to think some of my clothes might not be getting regular attention (not to mention affordability issues!). Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend :)
    .-= dapper kid´s last blog .."Size 44 Please" =-.

  10. dora

    absolutely love the outfit! if only i had enough space… the fashion cycle suggests that absolutely everything is going to be back on trend at one point in the future.
    when i still lived at home, my mum & aunt would scream ‘i had exactly one of those when i was your age!’ when they saw my clothes.
    time to invest in that walk-in wardrobe i promised to myself, as to not leave my daughter with the same disappointment i was facing when crying over all the beautiful clothes that had been chucked out before i was even born…
    .-= dora´s last blog ..minty monday =-.

  11. Sonja

    Oooh, you look so pretty! With that top and your hair like that, you look beautifully Katherine Hepburn. I just loved her style. So excited you’re returning to the states!

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