Painted Ladies

Sophy Robson
Nails are back. Lately I’ve seen ladies go back to painting their nails after what seems like decades of sporting the natural nail look. I should have guessed something was up, when Sophy Robson, a London based nail artist who works on fashion editorials and catwalk shows, started a blog, and I immediately fell in love. All her musings and behind-the-scenes shots of her work make her blog a must-visit even if you like to keep your nails bare.

Style Bubble posted a while back about multi-colored nails… while I liked them, it reminded me too much of the first season of Dexter (if I haven’t set off your nerd alert… now’s the time it should be going off). I really love Sophy’s version, picutred above with her gradient nails. The effect is still dramatic, but not so cartoony. It may take a second to register that something different is going here. Perhaps we could try the old art school exercise of making a grey scale, with our nails… I always sucked at it, but Sophy would be great at it.

jenninePainted Ladies